Another Benefit Show Tangent: Death to Diabetes 2015

by, Vick Sacha

Not that long ago, my co-writer and editor Mike Marlinski went on a bit of a rant about how bands would have to be stupid to not play benefit shows.  Just to quickly recap, his points included raising money for a good cause, and getting out and putting on a show (which, as a non-musician, I can only assume is partly why one would join or start a band to begin with, but what do I know?).  Clearly, there were a few people that didn’t get the memo.

Yesterday, June 7 2015, long time Buffalo metal scene supporter Brian “Butch” Hulin put on a benefit show to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes.  This past Christmas, the Buffalo metal scene put together an all day show to help raise money for Brian and his family, so his ill kids could have a holiday of epic proportions.  And now, he wanted to do a little something to give back.  However, the show unfortunately didn’t go off without a hitch.  Though Mike and I were still recovering from the previous night’s show, Brian gave us a play-by-play of what went down.

Around mid-afternoon yesterday, Brian posted in the event page on Facebook that the sound guy, whoever he was, hadn’t showed.  The offer was there for someone to come and help out, but no one was biting.  Fortunately, Joseph Wright, the drummer from Reverie, one of the bands playing the benefit show, stepped up and took care of the sound guy problem for their set and Jerry Grind‘s set.  The show was supposed to start at 4, but didn’t end up starting until 6. Bryan Parker, the owner of Broadway Joe’s nabbed local sound engineer Tom Shaffer to finish off the rest of the show.  Though Tom was paid, he gave the money away to the charity.

But wait! That’s not all! Six bands were scheduled to play the show, but only four actually played.  Rammstein cover band Mutter, from Rochester, just flat out didn’t show.  No messages or phone calls were placed saying they weren’t going to come. No warning, just disappointment.  Allegedly, they “had no room for drums” in whatever they’d be travelling with, and expected to be backlined, even though no backlining had ever been discussed for the show.  Surely, this had something to do with their lack of appearance.  If you were at that Christmas benefit show, you might remember that Mutter put on a hell of a set, and the crowd absolutely loved them.  They played for over an hour.  But this time, they couldn’t be bothered to play at all.

All of another band, Sic Sin, were rather punctual on their arrival, minus their vocalist. The band told Brian that they could only go on after 9, because that’s when their vocalist got out of work.  After he arrived, their vocalist approached Brian asking them when their set would be, and responded by telling him that they had to leave because- get this- he only had a babysitter until 10 pm.  And it’s not like they just left, they left leaving a bad taste in Brian’s mouth.  Apparently, this wasn’t the first time that Sic Sin has bailed on a show.  Surely, why would someone with almost 18,000 likes on Facebook bail on playing for their sea of fans?

Regardless, the rest of the bands played their sets without any problems.  Jerry Grind put on a sick punk set, and even Brian himself got up on stage to squeak out some vocals.  Reverie, a local hardcore group, was up next, and according to Brian, they crushed it.  Long time Buffalo heavy metal vets Herod took the stage, and I could only imagine that they put on one hell of a set, just like they always do.  Vocalist and guitarist Jesse Benker definitely has one hell of a stage presence.  His Cheap Trick tribute band, Budokan, closed out the show.

Even though there was a hefty amount of drama surrounding the event, there was still a pretty solid turnout and everyone was in good spirits. Brian and the crowd ended up raising about $600 for Team Dana’s Dreamers.

If anything is going to be taken away from this article, it’s the very evident lack of professionalism of Mutter and Sic Sin.  Brian had planned this event months in advance, so the excuses of babysitters and drum sets are completely ridiculous; if something comes up where one can’t make it, be an adult and let people know instead of not showing or bailing out last minute.

Oh, right! So thanks for skimming through my tangent!  All comments and feedback are welcome either on here or on The Metal’s Facebook page.  Thanks again for the read!


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