The 2000s: A Recap of the WNY Music Scene

Let me start this off by saying that I’m not naive. I’m fully aware that most of the people reading this were most likely in one of the bands on this playlist. And that’s great, because let’s face it- this is YOUR playlist. You guys are the ones who inspired this; who inspired ME to get involved in OUR music scene in the first place. That being said, GET INVOLVED!

I made this playlist to showcase some of the local WNY talent that inspired me to get involved in the music scene in the early 2000s, however several of these tracks weren’t released until a few years later. If anyone finds this and wants a song taken down, find me on Facebook and message me. If there is a question mark next to your band’s name, it’s because I didn’t have a name for your song ready and waiting in my vault. Kindly message me the name of the track so I can update it. Furthermore, if you find this playlist and you want to add or replace a song from your band, once again, please message me on Facebook. This is YOUR music. These are YOUR memories. GET INVOLVED and show people what you were up to during these great years!

DISCLAIMER: I’m well aware that not all of these bands are metal, but honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck and neither should you. These are the people I played for, watched, jammed with, or all of the above and that makes them metal as all Toostie Roll Pop fuck in my book.

Featured bands (so far):

Threebelow, Phaetasm, The Line Dance Massacre, Orodruin (Rochester, NY), Psyopus (Rochester, NY), Perfidious Doom, A Thousand Times Failed, Burn the Beautiful, Catastrophe Syndrome, Claymore, Fledgling Death, Hemofile, Manhandle, Now In Stores, Grady’s Ax, Hatescar, Sick of Trying, South of Nowhere, The Fall of Progress, The Happy Roaming Troubadours, Thoughts Lost, White Silence, Sons of Azrael, This Gun Smiles, The Rival Sonata, City of Stars, A Mourning Vision, When Heroes Fail, Awaiting Ruin, Bodyfarm (Washington DC), Death is Promised, and many more to come!

Check the playlist every couple of days, as songs will be added frequently.

A few due credits-

IN MEMORIAM: This playlist is dedicated respectfully to fallen musicians, Rob Rupert and Joe Siracuse. (Want to add a name here? Message me.)

FOR KICKS: This is also respectfully dedicated to Tony Lorenzo, who got shot over the paper in his wallet, then posted a video of himself doing pull-ups, while he knew the rest of world was jerking off and running out of excuses.

OBVIOUS: Finally, this effort is respectfully dedicated to every last musician heard on these tracks.


I’ll be periodically adding to a little section under the playlist for videos and old show fliers. So, scroll on down for more goodies.


To all the musicians featured below: Thank you for your courage, your egos, your audacity, your talent, your anger issues, your social anxiety, your musicianship, your free will, your boredom, or whatever it was that made you start your bands and write these songs. Whoever and whatever you are, you are everything to me- the reason I still have music to write and a life to live.

– Mike Marlinski



3 thoughts on “The 2000s: A Recap of the WNY Music Scene

  1. Is there any way you could add Dale Hinz under “for kicks?” Dale was in a serious motorcycle accident in 2012 that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. He’s still fighting, making slow but steady progress on the road to recovery. We all know Dale for both his attitude as well as his support of so many other local bands. Thanks so much for including Thoughts Lost on this list, I’m sure he’d be happy to know that 🙂


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