Band Profile: United By Hate from Pittsburgh, PA

With the deathcore hype still sweeping the nation, true brutal death metal has been in high demand as of late. Luckily for Pittsburgh metallers, their scene is in no short supply of it. If you’re from the area and you’re actually reading this, you’ve probably already been skull-fucked by United By Hate. With tasty grooves, evil tremolo riffs, sick drums and killer vocals, you can’t go wrong when you check out a UBH show. Assuming you’re a fan of death metal, if you know who they are and you’ve passed up opportunities to see them, you’ve been doing yourself a great disservice. I’d recommend them to fans of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel or Dying Fetus. There’s even a little bit of The Faceless in there for those who like a bit more groove with their death metal.


The band is made up of Ben Marmarosa on vocals, Sean Czambel on bass/backing vocals, Joe Mcelhaney on lead guitar, Pat Kennard on rhythm guitar, and finally, Cory Torcasi on drums. Let the record show that none of these guys are strangers to the formula that true death metal fans are after. As longtime fans themselves, they speak a common language with their audience and deliver all the pain, gore, and yes, the HATE that we all crave.

Their 2012 release, Indulgence in Sacrilege, is available online along with a tantalizing selection of explicit shirt designs. You can shop their online store here.


In addition to showcasing their brilliance in death metal musicianship, they’re also stand-up guys. This past Friday, my band played a show at Broadway Joe’s in Buffalo and were expecting to be sharing the stage with UBH. But the day before the show, disaster struck and the boys ended up having to drop off the bill due to a family emergency. So, the following night, the show went on as scheduled and UBH had been replaced. Everyone was pretty bummed, including myself, but it wasn’t until I wandered aimlessly outside after the 1st band’s set that I learned what the UBH dudes are truly all about. I turned the corner to find vocalist, Ben Marmarosa approaching me. Alongside Ben, was lead guitarist, Joe Mcelhaney. Thinking back, I’m not too sure if anyone else from the band was there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. I was simply in awe at the fact that these dudes still drove 3 hours to come support all the bands, the promoter and the venue. It really made me realize that there are too many people out there who just say “I support local music” and leave it at that. UBH leads by example and I have a ridiculous amount of respect for them personally.

Are you a fan yet? Well, here’s another reason to be:

Other UBH tracks can be found here. Furthermore, Pittsburgh has a great metal scene in general. Check out UBH’s friends in Post Mortal Possession (more great death metal), when you get a chance. I sincerely hope that I score these guys at least a few new fans with this article! Stay tuned for more from us!


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