An Open Letter to Kevin Lyman

Written by, “The Masked Promoter From Parts Unknown”¬†

We’ve met a few times over the last 20 years of me going to concert festivals, albeit briefly,but I always took you as a man who knew his job and was able to adapt and conquer in this hokey profession of booking events. However, your previous comments on your Mayhem Fest running the risk of going away, because “metal bands have gotten fat, bald and old” really have gotten under my skin. YOU, sir, may need to look in the mirror. As a 54 year old millionaire who earned his millions off the backs of metal and punk rock kids for over 2 decades, I’m not sure you yourself are in any position to blame the bands for your festival slowly dying. YOU booked Slayer and King Diamond as your headliners because they were the best available for the money you had to spend. For you now, to go on the defensive and say it’s metals fault for “scaring chicks away with our fat, old, bald guys is disingenuous AT BEST. How dare you blame a genre for your own failings as a business man. I booked some cool ass events, but as a whole I wasn’t a good promoter, so I got out. You should consider the same. You’ve done some amazing stuff, but in 2015 maybe you aren’t the best man for that job anymore. You also had to scale back on bands this year for financial reasons, and thus you only have a main stage and 2nd stage. Well, GOOD. A festival should, in theory, be about the EXPERIENCE as a whole, not about 34 opening bands across 5 stages. The real truth behind not having a 3rd and 4th stage really has more to do with how many record labels are willing to pony up to the Kevin Lyman Retirement Fund to get their bands on your summer tours.¬† All this being said, what you’ve done in the past cannot be understated. All you’ve done for punk rock, metal, skateboarding¬† etc: thank you. But, please understand when it’s time to step down and let the next hungry promoter take over. Being unwilling to accept change doesn’t mean you won’t endure it. It’ll just be way more of a pain in the ass.


The Masked Promoter


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