“Sorry This Isn’t the Waiting Room”

By Vick Sacha and The Masked Promoter

Sorry guys, I’m bringing you another pissed off tangent, this time courtesy of the Buffalo Metal scene.

I don’t always walk out on a band during their set, but when I do, it’s because something or someone really struck a wrong nerve and has thus entirely lost my respect.

Every time I hear stories about bad band etiquette at shows, or witness it first hand, I can’t help but think that maybe some of these kids need to at least read some of our ‘words of wisdom’, if you will. Just to recap, the Masked Promoter has bitched about this sense of entitlement that some (not all) local bands have, because they feel they should be playing at a better venue, for bands they actually give a shit about, or playing for an actual crowd. Which, to me, is one of the most disrespectful things any band can do, short of showing up and not playing a set, or straight up not showing up at all *cough*.  If I may, let me break this down a little:

-It’s disrespectful to the crowd because you’re making it clear that you don’t necessarily want to be there and you’re wasting our time when there are certainly other bands on the bill that could be using that time to play longer sets
-It’s disrespectful to the other bands because they, more times than not, are obligated to stick around. And they have to put up with your bullshit negativity.
-Worst of all, it’s disrespectful to the promoter because he/she went out of their way to contact you and give you an opportunity to get out and play some music.

Really, if you’re going to have a bad attitude about any aspect of a show, you should just stay at home and spend your night on reddit with a 40.

Here’s the Masked Promoter’s take:

The Masked Promoter here, once again, to get under the skin of cry baby, entitled local bands.  Last night, I left Parts Unknown to see the almighty fucking Jungle Rot perform an off date from Mayhem Fest at Broadway Joe’s. Yes, attendance wasn’t spectacular. Yes, it was a Tuesday. No, I’m not here to complain about the crowd…This time.  The venom I have in my dark heart comes from local bands. This is not an indictment of every local band, or even every local on this particular show. It’s a few select people from last night, and several other bands I’ve seen act this way at other shows. I’m going to break this down numerically even though there’s only a couple of them. (It’s easier for the offended to understand this way)

1. If you’re drunk prior to your bands set, or like last night, before your band even loads in. Chances are you’re probably going to do something to piss off or annoy your band mates, bar staff or crowd/other bands on the show, like giving a impromptu bad comedy performance during sound check?. Curb that shit, you fucking amateur. Be a champ and party well into the night by spreading out your ingestion of booze and or illicit drugs. It’s not, and really never has been cool to be super wasted in public at like 7pm. It’s even less cool to be enablers to shitheads like that. It’s not 1985, you are not Motley Crue. Respecting and trying to build relationships with the other bands, and bar staff and promoters should be the most important thing to a band when you’re new to the scene and trying to build a name for yourselves.

2. The only EXCUSES for leaving early for a local band include the words giving birth and somebody died. It’s hard enough to talk a normal crowd in the door on a warm sunny weekday afternoon. I’ve seen opening acts break bones onstage and refuse medical attention until they got to see the headlining band play. Your excuses are invalid at best. You want people to be there for your set, but can’t be fucking arsed to stick around and watch the set of the band you opened for?  I’d like to say I hope when you are on tour someday locals in those areas treat you the same way. But, I don’t have to waste my breath, you’ll never make it to that point.

Certainly, I realize local bands have day jobs, but shows get booked MONTHS in advance.  If you can’t adjust your schedule for the show, then don’t fucking play it. When you leave early, you look like Shit, and people will remember it. It’s only a matter of time before you won’t be given any more opportunities.

Local bands: every show is an opportunity. You never know who is in the crowd. Last night at Jungle Rot, the crowd may have been a smaller one, but there were fellow concert promoters there, the owner of a record label whose put out albums from Seplophile, Hubris and many others from around the globe,, and Jungle Rot themselves, who just happen to be on tour with King Diamond, Slayer.and others on Mayhem Fest, they watched some of every bands set, which is more than I can say for another band on that show last night.

So, if you’ve done any of the above on other shows, or if you are the offending band from last night. Yes, you are an asshole. But it’s not too late for you!  It’s real simple…



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