“Your Scene Could Be Better” by, The Masked Promoter From Parts Unknown

Initially, I had planned on beginning this column with a cute little, “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!” line. But, since the owners of this blog have been putting up those fantastic disclaimers along the lines of, “The opinions of the Masked Promoter are his, and possibly not those of Mike and Vick” in all my pieces, but fuck it. This time I’m simply going to say, try and shoot the messenger. In case you haven’t heard, I’ve got a thousand lives to spare.

Look, Buffalo local metal bands, I could sit here and suck the chrome off all your cocks and pussies. There really is no denying the full on talent in our area. And if there is, seek out the compilations Mike has been dropping lately. (Gratuitous plug for the CD and Soundcloud could be inserted here, if the warden chooses to do so).

Sidenote from “the warden”: Well now that you mention it, share this widget with everyone you know, fuckers:

I’d like to think I’m here for a different purpose than that. Besides, no one sucks better local band pipe than our own Mike Marlinski.

Your scene could be exponentially better than it is today. I’m not talking about quality of music either. I’m talking camaraderie. Yes, you say cool shit on social media about some other bands, or share a song or video, but there’s always a hidden purpose (bullshit selfish agenda) behind it. Maybe it’s to promote a future show together or whatever. Stuff like that is cool and should continue, but there’s something to be said about loyalty and integrity if that’s all you’re doing it for.

I implore you, I request, fuck, I’m daring you, to have a band night out. Once a month, pick a show, (one you’re not playing) get the entire band together and go support that goddamn show. You can promote a future show, pass out demos, or just fucking watch the other locals with no stupid agenda. It’ll bring your band closer together, it’ll bolster attendance at shows, and you’ll be a part of good change.

From Mike: To those of you reading this who have been part of the Buffalo metal scene for 10 years or more, does this sound at all familiar to you? I seem to recall this happening a lot more often, back when Facebook event pages weren’t the be all, end all of promotion. Sometimes I’m alone in it, but I’m in a band and I try to both represent said band and support others by going to as many shows as possible.

There are several shows a month. Surely one lines up with your bandmates’ schedules for a few hours.

Yes, I know your complaints. You’re married. You’ve got kids. You’ve got a weird schedule at work. I don’t care. It’s once a month, and you can shoot out after a band practice for a couple hours. This isn’t rocket science. If you’re not able as a band to get together and go see a few other locals, why should anyone go see yours?

Make the fucking time. Make the fucking changes. Be as good a people as you are musicians.  STOP MAKING EXCUSES.


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