Who You’re Not Listening To: The Kennedy Veil

If you’re a death metal purist and you’re sick and tired of deathcore bands infiltrating your ears, don’t worry. There are still a few newer bands out there yet to be discovered, who are comfortable enough to tell breakdown enthusiasts to piss off. Not that I have a problem with bands that chug; I just prefer a little more melody with my metal. Then again, I know a lot of you are in it for the sound that Chuck Schuldiner more or less set the tone for on 1987’s Scream Bloody Gore. For you, I can’t really say that the band I’m about to discuss is a chip off the old Death (the band) block, but they certainly bring all the old school death metal feels to the table and combine them with the technical edge that bands like Origin, Cryptopsy or Necrophagist flooded into the market back in the early ’90s.

This past Sunday, I saw a band called The Kennedy Veil for the first time, having never before heard their name mentioned by a single fellow metalhead. This makes them the perfect candidate for “Who You’re Not Listening To”- a weekly installment I plan on posting here on The Metal every Friday night.

Left to right: Kc Childers – Guitar, Gabe Seeber- Drums, Taylor Wientjes – Vocals, Tyler Hawkins – Bass

Hailing from Sacramento, California, The Kennedy Veil was the 1st of 4 bands to perform at Broadway Joe’s in Buffalo on 7/19 as part of “The Bloodletting Tour”: A Metal Injection Production. Psycroptic (tech death from Australia) headlined and while I find them to be very entertaining, in my humble opinion, TKV stole the show. Like I said, this is edgy tech death with old school feels. To me, it’s as if Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Paul Ryan (Origin) and Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist) had a few drinks and decided, “Let’s write something chaotic, make a giant mess, shit all over everyone and somehow have it make sense.”

TKV started up in 2009. They have 2 impressive albums, both of which you are highly encouraged to listen to: The Sentence of Their Conqueror (2011) and Trinity of Falsehood (2014). 

Trinity of Falsehood cover art

The Sentence Of Their Conqueror cover art

Check out some videos below to get a better understanding of what you’ve been missing:


Are you a Spaceballs fan? Want this shirt? TKV are currently sold out, but if you heckle them like I have been, I’m sure we can get this back in print:

Image of The T-Shirt

Have a band hiding in your back pocket you think more people should be listening to/talking about? Let me know and if they’re not already on our list, we’ll post about them. Thanks, Metallers!


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