4 Of The Scariest Sounding Bands I Know

As you’ve already heard from me time and time again, Buffalo, New York and Rochester, New York have amazing metal scenes that desperately need more attention. But this isn’t another rant about dates being overbooked or the overall lack of attendance at most local shows I attend. Tonight, I’m going to discuss the 4 (at least, in my opinion) scariest sounding bands in my area. If you like black metal, doom, death metal, sludge, or any sub genre of metal that just sounds downright filthy (in a good way), you shouldn’t have any qualms with doing a little research on these bands and buying some shit.

So, here they are in no particular order:

1. Darkapathy

The self proclaimed “Deliverers of Doom” from Buffalo, New York are exactly that. The gutturals projected by their vocalist, Dennis Glinski, are astounding and should instantly provoke thoughts of classic Vader and Cannibal Corpse albums. The guitars (tuned to g # on most tracks) slam out haunting progression after haunting progression, while the drums cruise throughout the tunes with fast double bass and fills, sometimes making you forget that you’re listening to a death/doom release. Here’s a video for the title track off their latest release, Condemned in Black:

On a sidenote, Dennis from Darkapathy also writes and illustrates his own horror themed comic books. Check out the cover of “Death Shriek No. 1”, based on music from the bands listed on the cover. Click here to inquire about purchasing.

2. Enthauptung (Buffalo, NY)

Hypnotic, atmospheric black metal at its finest. Regrettably, I only discovered these guys a couple months ago, but what they do is truly something that needs to be experienced live, which is why I’m including a live video from a show they did in December, 2014. This band is notorious for faraway/ghost like vocals, projecting shrill highs and punishing mids. Then, they have their enchanting synth progressions, evil tremolo riffs and ridiculous blast beats/double bass/fills to complete their dismal picture. I consider their music to be a very imaginative experience. Whether I’m watching them live or listening to their studio recordings, I always find myself thinking about relentless winter storms, smokey abandoned cities, and just downright death and destruction. From a black metal fan’s point of view, I suppose that means, Mission: Accomplished.

Click here for studio tracks available for purchase.

3. Hubris

Here’s another black metal band from Buffalo that really takes a step back to the genre’s Norwegian roots. They complete their assault of spot on raspy screams, technical doomsday riffing, and equally technical and fast drumming with an authentic black metal visual experience (corpse paint). Using horrifying mental imagery via their song descriptions and an onstage look reminiscent of Immortal, they are one of the most unforgettable bands I know. Here’s a live video from a show they did in Clarence, NY in May, 2012:

Click here for studio tracks available for purchase. Their EP, Winds of Iniquity in particular, requires your immediate attention.

4. The Highest Leviathan (Rochester, NY)

This 3 piece brings about more doom with a wide variety of screams, through incredibly long songs and brilliant lyrical concepts. They remind me of a mixture of Eyehategod and Sleep, so if you’re in the market for punishing 15 minute epics that will project you to dark and decrepit places, this is the band for you. We recently included their song, “Haunted Liver” on one of our local band compilations and it’s totally worth 15 minutes of your time if you’re into this kind of metal. Here’s a show they did at Bug Jar in Rochester in April, 2014:

Click here for studio tracks.

Well, that’s it! Hopefully we got you into some new music that will both please and haunt you for the rest of your days! Now, stay tuned! We’ve got some exciting album reviews, interviews and other opinion pieces coming up soon!


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