Who You’re Not Listening To: Turbid North

I’m going to start this one off with a lie: There are no good metal bands from Alaska. Then again, I’m sure there are some metalheads out there who actually believe that. So, to you I say, eat a bag of dicks and listen to Turbid North.

Turbid North is one of those versatile death metal bands that have a little something for everyone in their demographic. For the melodic death fans, there are harmonies and diverse unclean vocals. For death metal purists, there are boat loads of evil riffs, a bombardment of blast beats and super intimidating gutturals. For heavy metal fans, there are some boasting clean vocals, reminiscent of early Hetfield, Anselmo or older Iced Earth material. Then for you black metal or bestial black metal fans, there are plenty of filthy sounding, purposely poorly produced, chaotic parts that induce images of Hell on Earth. Finally, for you sludge addicts, the Alaskan/Texan/English metallers have all the death/doom slam parts you can handle.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking these guys up because of their origins. It didn’t take the guys (the original lineup) long to realize that if they wanted to play music exclusively, they needed to get the fuck out of the North Pole. They relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area in 2007. From there, they recorded their debut album on Ironclad Recordings, Orogeny (2010-11). Afterwards, they dominated a CMJ Music Marathon in 2011 and a Rockstar Mayhem Fest in 2012. Check out a video for a tune they are well known for about a devastating earthquake that nearly ripped Alaska apart called, “Between the Glacier and the Sea”:

Really, it was the hiatus they took after Mayhem Fest 2012 that is greatly responsible for their current status: A relatively unknown band in a scene that desperately needs them. They reemerged as a 3-piece in 2014 and are currently playing shows across the southwest US.

84  IMG_4158.jpg

(Left to right)
Vocals, Bass / Chris O’ Toole

Vocals, Guitar / Nick Forkel
Drums / Jono Garrett

Think it’s all studio magic? Here’s a live video for a heavier “death ballad” if you will, from a show they played in Fort Worth back in April:

So, after what you’ve heard, seen and read, what’s not to love here? The combination of their Alaskan frontman (Forkel), their English bassist (That’s right! Practically imported right from Scotland Yard), and their supernaturally fast Texan drummer, make for one hell of a good time! But don’t take my word for it! (Insert “Reading Rainbow” quote.) Visit their bandcamp or website and buy Orogeny, give them a shout online and let them know you want them melting faces at your local music venue! Up next on “Who You’re Not Listening To”: Oops! You’ll just have to wait!


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