The Sisson Inquisition: The New Zealand Music Scene, Part I

Hey guys and gals! My name is Jacob Sisson and I’m a metalhead from the middle of fucking nowhere (New Zealand), and I’m here to prove that metal is alive, thriving even, in places such as this! A few of the bands I post, you may have heard of or even seen live.


Heavyweight newcomers Depths have been on the scene in lil’ ol’ New Zealand for only a handful of years, and have taken the country by storm with their modern style of aggression, infectious melodies and heart stopping breakdowns. With their crushing sound and visible passion for the craft, their live shows are an absolutely pulverising affair, leaving you tattered, broken, and begging for more. Their dedication and perseverance has had them open for a huge range of bands from Thy Art Is Murder, Parkway Drive, and Suicide Silence, through to Between The Buried And Me, Animals As Leaders, and Down. Signed to Deadboy Records in 2011, these guys have proved they are an extremely hardworking band, and they are here to stay.

I caught these young hoodlums on their latest album release tour at what was a rather intimate floorshow, where they proceeded to absolutely melt the faces off the crowd. After delays due to a few unfortunate van difficulties (rock n roll) they arrived and wasted no time, tearing the crowd a new sphincter. No lube. No remorse.

With the recent release of ‘The Mortal Compass’ they have produced  what is shaping up to be one of the top NZ metal albums of the year, placing in at #1 on the iTunes metal charts, #7 on the NZ Music charts, and #23 on the NZ Top 40. Quite an accomplishment, if I do say so myself.

Not sure about committing to buying their stuff? You can still check out their Bandcamp here.


And now for a band you most likely wouldn’t have heard of, but definitely should have. While I am personally not usually into the straight up hardcore stuff around, these guys tear it up and bring a very unique sound to the table, with an absolutely insane live presence. How can you not like that?

The mighty LEBOWSKI, hailing from the rubble that is Christchurch, possess an energy and attention to groove that gets under the skin and doesn’t let up till the set does. Their track Population Control is the sort of song that makes you incredibly thirsty. One of those songs that by the time it’s done, you’ve finished a 6 pack and destroyed your living room inexplicably.

Their debut album ‘Round One’ dropped a couple months ago, and is well worth a listen! Pick it up from their Bandcamp now! Although the album can’t capture the sheer ferocity and intensity of their live show, I still find myself moshing along trying to start a pit, usually by myself(no lie). Seeing the bassist double thumping away is one of the reasons I took up bass in the first place, after seeing them live the first time. The precision and technicality he brings to the table really MAKES the band, ya know? Well worth it!

I hope you check these guys out! Along with the many other bands I will be writing to you about, courtesy of the New Zealand music scene. Cheers!

Hey everyone! Vick here! I am so proud of Jacob and his first article! If I didn’t know better, I’d say I’d have written this myself. How do you think he did? As always, all feedback is welcome either here or on our facebook. Let us know how he did! And stay tuned for not only more of his work, but the shenanigans Mike and I have going on as well!


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