Album Review: Cain- “The Ravaging”

liveThis is the most no nonsense thrash release that’s hit my ear drums in quite a long time. Anyone looking for a newer release that takes thrash back to its roots, but projects the aggression and godlessness of bestial black metal, needs not look any further. Buffalo, NY 3-piece thrash metallers, Cain, self-released their debut full length, The Ravaging this past July. Any fan of Slayer’s older material, Death Angel or even Immortal’s Sons of Northern Darkness should be able to appreciate it. After your first listen through, you should feel as though you’ve been transported back to the good old days of evil riffs, windmills and haunting lyrics. It’s only 38 minutes short, but The Ravaging is guaranteed to be the most fun you’ll have listening to an unsigned thrash act in ages, so I encourage you to take the chance on these guys.


Left to right: Eareckson Murray- guitars/lead vocals, Bryant Morrison- drums/backing vocals, Zack DeMarzio- bass guitar

My favorite tracks on the album are “The Ravaging” and “Earth’s Extinction”. The title track is obviously set up to be a perfect representation of what this band stands for, but “Earth’s Extinction” is also a true testament to the band’s overall message through this release. These two songs also contain my two favorite lyrical moments on the album:

“The kingdom of heaven and all its angels will burn. The rise of the master spreads darkness over the world. End times, futile attempts to fight, soon you all perish, forever damned. The mark of the chosen will lead his forces to conquer. Unanswered prayers, useless saviors. Signal our coming, your ending, the start of our new dark age.” – “The Ravaging”

“The end is now revealed. Sun explodes, you watch everyone die. Your skin and your eyes peel. Smell of death surrounds you, evil now prevailed. This diabolical reign is now supreme because all your gods have failed!” – “Earth’s Extinction”

To the point, much? Here’s a musical taste, and if you’re not sold after listening, there may be no hope for you as a metalhead. So, if this applies to you, drop what you’re doing and buy a Taylor Swift album. I heard the CMA broke up with her and she’s looking for more shoulders to cry on anyway. For everyone else with some metal sense, here’s track 3,  “The Ravaging”:

And as luck would have it, for you vinyl collectors out there:


That’s right! It would appear these gents have thought of everything! (Almost. Cassettes would be nice.) Visit their bandcamp to download The Ravaging or purchase a physical copy. Buy a shirt and some of their other releases too, while you’re at it!

Stay tuned, Metallers! There’s plenty more death and destruction coming your way here at The Metal!


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