Who You’re Not Listening To- The Tale of 2 Magnificient Melodeath Acts: Begat the Nephilim/Undrask

Greetings, Metallers!

When I first started “Who You’re Not Listening To”, I had said that it was going to be a weekly column. Obviously, I failed to commit to that and I’ve only done 2 bands in over a month. So, in an effort to make up some ground, I’m making this one a split article.

There are 2 up and coming melodic death metal bands out there that I feel need your immediate attention: Begat the Nephilim from Dover, New Hampshire, and Undrask from Greensboro, North Carolina. I love both of these acts equally, and I want to use this as an opportunity to get my fellow melodeath lovers to feel the same way.


While they are indeed a melodic death metal band, Begat the Nephilim is more so on the blackened side of things, crediting Behemoth and Naglfar as 2 of their major influences. In fact, if you’re at all familiar, I’d compare the majority of Begat’s material with Naglfar’s latest melodic black metal album, Harvest. But don’t dwell on my comparisons, just take a listen for yourself:

While you’re at it, check out this sick video of BTN’s drummer, Josh Richardson playing that same song:

Interested? You should be. Now, buy some BTN merch!

Not to mention, can you say, hardworking? Since 2012, these guys have been financing their own tours across huge stretches of the US. Furthermore, this past Spring, BTN reached a huge milestone and played the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. Need I say more? Well, just in case I do, there’s something to be said about character when it comes to this band. There are too many “trve kvlt” metal bands out there that don’t associate with their fans or the other bands at shows. You know the type of metalheads I’m talking about. They just sort of stand in the corner of the room as a clique, their long hair covering their stern facial expressions, their arms crossed in a uniform fashion, whilst those they’ve already summed up as “posers” and “inferior scene kids” revolve around them, merely wanting a chance. It’s people like that who give the death metal scene a bad name. But rest assured that BTN is different. They like to have fun and they’re all about love and support- the foundation of any worthwhile music scene. Last summer, I saw them at the Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon in Buffalo, NY and really enjoyed everything I saw and heard.

Sidenote: If any promoters outside of New England are reading this article and are digging this band, reach out to them about shows. These guys are ALWAYS looking to tour. I can’t tell you how many private messages I’ve received from them looking for dates in my area in the last year, that I regrettably was unable to help with.

Now, moving on to Undrask:


These North Carolina boys aren’t nearly as “evil” sounding as BTN, but as melodic death metal goes, their hearts, minds and riffs are all in the right place. Fans of Kalmah, Children of Bodom, In Flames and Scar Symmetry will really appreciate these guys. They’ve got an EP out, so if you follow this link to their bandcamp and you come across the image below, you’re in the right place:


Being a huge melodeath fan, it’s hard for me to ignore any band that even remotely has their shit together with the genre, but I have to say I think Undrask has something special. Do them a favor, hop on over to their Facebook page and give them a “like”. They’ve been working hard since 2013 and need all the out of town support they can get!!

So, with all that, I’ll leave you with a lyric video for their song, “Through the Void”, so you can judge for yourselves:

Have a band you’d like to see us promote here? Leave word here or drop us a message on our Facebook page! And as always, stay tuned for more! This has been, “Who You’re Not Listening To”!


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