Who You’re Not Listening To: Soreption


This past Friday night, I managed to catch the “Devastation on the Nation” tour in Buffalo, and I was completely caught off guard by this band. My plan was to check out a few tech-death bands like Ingested and the almighty Origin, then sit back and marvel at the Brazilian brothers in Krisiun, who have been tearing up the death metal scene since 1990. I didn’t expect to find a new love in the tech-death genre on this tour, but Soreption just completely captivated me. Since I love Swedish melodic metal bands, I never thought a Swedish tech-death band would draw me in like that. But even though they are a perfect example of what it means to be a technical death metal band, Soreption still incorporates beautiful melodic guitar work in the most subtle ways imaginable. In short, you can tell they’re Swedes without ever learning a thing about their history.

This is a 4-piece that sets the bar ridiculously high for song structures, riffing and lead guitar work. Furthermore, their rhythm section doesn’t exactly slack off, to put it mildly. This past Friday, I was so awestruck, I purchased 2 of their 3 full lengths (Buy physical media!):


Evidently, I missed these guys on the Summer Slaughter tour in 2013 and I’ve been more or less sleeping on them in general until now. If you like bands like Origin or Necrophagist and you don’t mind the idea of their guitar work being mixed with the likes of early In Flames or Soilwork material, don’t make the mistake I did. Here’s a taste:

I promise you they’re only a 4-piece band. You might think they need 3 guitarists to do some of this stuff, but as a firsthand observer, I promise you, they don’t. Soreption are:


Fredrik Söderberg: Vocals
Anton Svedin: Guitar
Tony Westermark: Drums
Mikael Almgren: Bass

Now that you’ve had your minds blown, be good sports and pick up some music and other merch here.

Horns and hails, Metallers! Stay tuned for more! Recently, we started doing some flashback reviews of shows and albums. I’ve decided that I’ll be doing Death’s Scream Bloody Gore in the very near future. Take care, everyone!


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