Bitch, Get Over Here and Get Busy!

Written by, “The Masked Promoter From Parts Unknown” 

Edited and tweaked by, Mike Marlinski

Hello, dear local bands. I feel like you might need some honesty here. You ever hear the old saying, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, I’ve spent the last couple months since my last rant, watching you guys.  I wanted to see what you guys actually do to further your band. The truth is, outside of a very small handful of you, most of you don’t do anything. Why are you not promoting shows your band is on? Why would you agree to do a show if it’s not worth your time to promote the fact that you’re ON said show? Every show is a battle. Every event is an opportunity. I don’t care if you’re the opening band, or the headliner, or stuck in the middle somewhere. That is YOUR time to shine! It’s truly up to you to take whatever slot you’re offered and make it THE slot. I know, I know, musicians privilege; it’s the whole entitlement thing all over again. You think because you bought an instrument, took the time to learn it, 300 people should automatically want to pay to see you live with zero effort on your part. It’s just not reality. I encourage all promoters (whether it’s assholes like me or other bands putting on shows) to not let this bullshit slide. DO NOT allow laziness and weakness into the scene. Don’t be an enabler! Because, in my opinion, as a band, you should NEVER have to hear someone fucking say, “I didn’t even know you guys were playing”. You have a voice, so talk about the show. You have arms and legs (unless you’ve been dealt a shitty hand in life), so hang up fliers about your show. You all have social media (obviously, or else I would’ve never heard of half of you), so stop posting for 5 minutes about the Bills or the Sabres losing and post about YOUR FUCKING SHOW. Stop leaving it up to everyone else to do YOUR job. Get your shit together. Most of you guys have awesome music, or at the very least, music with the potential to be awesome. Show it to people. Just try not to be a spam artist upon doing so.


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