Vick’s 2015 End of the Year Review: The Locals

So, I’m sitting here on our yucky sofa, with a purring Nimbus off to my right, and I just started doing research for this article. And now I’m finding myself sending in notices to the Metal Archives, telling them to update our locals. I forgot my account things and I’m too lazy to make another one or have an email sent out, not like I can add any newer bands anyway, because I’m not on the proper level. And that’s lame as fuck, but they’re the ones missing out.

Actually, I’m also reading through the last thing I posted on here, and the things that filled me with such negative emotion are still very much fresh in my memory.  And I want this article to be a total 180 from that, because my main goal in life isn’t to be a negative fucking Nancy all the time. So, I guess, here goes nothing?

Edit: I’ve decided to only do a local review, because I’ve been to too many shows that I can’t even remember all of them, and I’d kick myself in the teeth if I forgot one or more and then had to come back and edit every time I remember something important. Though, there isn’t really much more important than my favourite drummer offering to buy me a drink, and then schmoozing with my favourite vocalist the night after.

ANYWAY, I haven’t been around all that long to make a fair judgement, but I think it’s been a kind of dick year for the local scene and too many bands that I have given a shit about have called it quits.  Herod? Gone. Theatre Nocturne? Gone. Siegewyrm? Done. Throne of Wilderness? GONE. From the Sky? Gone. Aspired Infliction? Super gone. Seplophile? A state of Limbo. Pollock? I don’t even know. It Dies Today? Put out one song a year ago and they disappear into the darkness. (Does anyone care enough about Sic Sin for me to list them? Last time I heard that name, a lot of people were pissed off about some benefit show they half showed up for. But I digress.) Even if I did miss someone and didn’t list them, fuckin yikes.

(Actually, I’m still not totally over Herod and Theatre Nocturne; Herod was the first local band I had ever heard of (courtesy of my art teacher in like, 7th grade, circa 2003), and I only got to see them recently for the first time before they handed in their towels.  And Theatre was the first local band I actively gave a shit about, when I stumbled onto them at some Arsis show Mike asked me to come to because Aspired Infliction was playing. That shit was as close to “love at first sight” as I’ll ever get.)

Again, I digress. I do, however, see a slight glimmer of hope. At least I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help is close to serving us Capital Punishment, their first LP (and shot their first music video), Circus Grenade just pooped out a new song, and Armageddon is on their way to becoming the biggest thing out of Buffalo since Every Time I Die. Maybe even Cannibal Corpse. MAYBE EVEN THE GOO GOO DOLLS.

(Now that I’m sitting here thinking about it, I think the Government has more going on than anyone else- openly, anyway. Upcoming LP? Check. First single off of said LP? Check. Music video for said single? Check. New merch? Also check. Coffee commercial? Fuckin check. Shows after the new year booked? Check. Vocalist Thom Bieler and his lady, Sam, having a baby and putting on a metal show in celebration of their daughter coming into the world? Double check. Current and future bands, please pay attention: if you need to look up to anyone in the local scene, the only functional Government in the country is who you want to look to. Because this, this is how you get shit done (maybe the real government should pay attention too, eh?))


BUT! If for whatever stupid reason, you don’t like the Government, you’ve got a couple other things to keep an eye out in 2016: it’s been rumored that the guys from former Theatre Nocturne are up to something, new melo-death-whatever-you-wanna-call-them project The Last Reign featuring your favourite The Metal founder are up to more than just At the Gates covers (THEY NEED A DRUMMER THOUGH. INQUIRE.) Seplophile is on the verge of being whole again, Orius is going to continue to kick ass, Enthauptung is going to rule as Buffalo’s best black metal band and play more grain silos, a few of the guys from Cain/ Nazgûl/ Enthauptung have a ‘power-folk’ project called Arcænium in the works that should overtake Throne of Wilderness’ greatness, I might even have a something special up my sleeve, and at the rate Armageddon is going, they’ll be on tour opening for Slayer and Judas Priest by this time next year.
And maybe, just maaaaaybe, I’ll get to finish Brian Hulin’s goddamn vest.  That’s wishful thinking, though.

Though, who am I to talk about the local scene? Again, I’ve only really been active (if you can even call it that) in it for the better part of a year, and mainly because I’m dating someone who’s been dabbling in it for 15 or so years. If anyone is going to make a fair judgement, it’s him, not me. But thanks for kind of allowing me to force feed you my opinions.

But what about us, you ask?  Obviously, Mike will still be cranking out professionally-written articles, and I’ll toss you something witty and slightly amusing every now and again. Maybe Brian Platter will design us a new logo for the new year? The Masked Promoter will still write for us on occasion (or Mike and I will reveal his true identity), Matt Kubacki will write in from some place called Bahrain, and Jake Sisson will give you the low down on what’s happening on the other side of the world.  And, lastly, hopefully we’ll have a few more guest writers for you (like that Thom from the Government guy). Of course, there will be more show reviews and “Who you’re not listening to”s, and maybe Mike and I will finish that Gimmicks Series bullshit so we can put that shit to rest.

That being said, you’ve read enough of my babbling. But before you go, I’d like to thank you for not only reading my trash, but for reading everyone’s writing, because that’s the stuff that keeps us cranking out stuff we want to write about that you might be interested in.  I look forward to what 2016 is going to bring our little metal blog. Of course, we will continue to strive to be better than MetalSucks by not preaching about Babymetal.

Again, thank you for reading what we put out and for supporting us doing something we like to do. I hope 2015 treated you well, and I hope 2016 treats you better. Cheers mates, and stay metal.

With love, cats, and tech death; Vick \m/


P.S. My tacos are still fucking delicious.



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