Nile- 1/17, 1349- 1/18 Extreme Metal Doubleheader Coming Up in Rochester!

Get ready to have your hearts violently ripped out through your anal cavities, if you plan on being at the following shows. Don’t sleep on either of these dates if you call yourself a fan of death or black metal and you’re in the Rochester, NY area. The bludgeoning begins on Sunday January 17 at Montage Music Hall, with Nile‘s seemingly annual visit to this intimate room in the downtown area. Joining the Egyptian mythology themed death metallers, will be Rochester’s own Contrarian (progressive death), Necrostalker (extreme slam death) and Gutted Alive (goregrind/death). Nile’s drummer, George Kollias appears on Contrarian’s latest album, Polemic.


Part 2 of this glorious affair enters the black metal spectrum and takes place at Bug Jar on Monday January 18. 1349 (extreme black) will be leading the pack. Joining them, will be Tombs (extreme/black/experimental) from Brooklyn, Full of Hell (grind/death) from Maryland and Buffalo, NY’s own Enthauptung (atmospheric black). This will be the more evil sounding of the 2 nights, so do yourself a favor and take on both shows. If you’re coming in from out of town, spend the night on Sunday (we are). Take off from work. Who cares? This is a good enough reason to say, “Fuck my job, I’m show hopping out of town instead”.


This is a great opportunity to support some great local bands in a national band setting. Enthauptung just released their 2nd album, Adirondack, which can be purchased via their Bandcamp in MP3, CD or cassette form. If you haven’t checked it out yet, but you’re a fan of Mayhem, Emperor or Darkthrone, take a chance on it and prepare for some black metal nostalgia. Believe me, you haven’t heard cold, twisted sonnets like these, since In the Nightside Eclipse or Blaze in the Northern Sky

Nile will undoubtedly be showcasing tunes from their latest release What Should Not Be Unearthedbut as is typical Nile fashion, they’re sure to cover a lot of their discography, including classics like “Black Seeds of Vengeance”. The same can be said for 1349, who will be treating you to songs from 2014’s Massive Cauldron of Chaosbut are bound to cover a little bit from Beyond the Apocalypse through Revelations of the Black Flame

We sincerely hope to see you all at these shows (you all, as in the Buffalonians we know read these articles)! In the words of Ron Burgundy, “Come get a taste!”


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