2016: A Great Year for Local Metal

This article is a public service announcement for the people of Buffalo especially, but also supporters of local music scenes everywhere. Whoever and wherever you are, you all need to be aware of the relentless onslaught of insane new local releases due out in 2016. I’ll start with the following disclaimer: I’m sure I’m going to miss a few of you in here. Don’t get upset- instead, just let us know what you’re releasing and when and we will happily share it with the internet world.

Now, all that being said, here’s what we all have to look forward to in the coming months:

1. Orius- The Slender Threads of Fortune

Due out in March 2016


For those of you who don’t know, these guys are a nice blend of melodic death metal and power metal. The riffs are insanely catchy, but technical at all the right times, the drums are amazing and driving and the clean vocals are masterfully crafted and heartfelt to the core. In 2014, they wowed Buffalo with their debut EP, Past Prologue. No one in the area had ever really heard an unsigned band quite like them before and it got them immediate attention. Now, with the addition of Jesse Benker on guitar and backing vocals (ex Herod), they’ve become an unstoppable force of metal justice. With shades of old Protest the Hero and Bruce Dickinson era Iron Maiden, mixed with the Gothenburg style riffs of In Flames and At the Gates, there’s something for everyone in their sound.

2. I’m From The Government and I’m Here to Help- Capital Punishment

Due out in the spring of 2016



Their new artwork is currently unavailable, so I’m using their latest t-shirt design. The gentlemen of the Govt have been busy preparing their long anticipated followup to Hard Truth/Forced Unity. This is a hybrid band of sorts, fusing many subgenres of metal together to form one solidified notion of catchy, heavy infectious metal. Over the last few years, they’ve captured the attention of the Buffalo scene time and time again, attracting a variety of metal fans, including some you wouldn’t expect to get into a band with their sound. It just goes to show you that with the right sound and message, even fans of the darkest, most evil sounding forms of metal can appreciate a catchy riff and meaningful lyrics about the day to day things human beings are passionate about.

3. Armageddon



The young thrash attack from Buffalo turned a lot of heads with their debut EP, Age of Darkness in 2014. Their talent is incredible, especially considering their age range, and you can’t help but respect their love of thrash metal in its purest of forms. With speed riffs, the likes of Slayer, Testament and Death Angel and catchy leads, the likes of Iron Maiden, their forthcoming EP is being considered one of the impending highlights of the year. The EP in question was recorded last summer and will be out this spring. We’ll keep you posted on the name of the release and the artwork!

4. Sun Black Smoke



Whether it’s the classics of Black Sabbath or the modern doomy progressions of the band, Sleep, Sun Black Smoke from Buffalo, has everything you need to quench your stoner/doom metal needs. These guys have been gaining a lot of momentum these past few years, after their popular release, The Duality of Man. The title of their forthcoming work is unknown, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more about this. Only one thing is abundantly clear, new Sun Black Smoke is coming and it’s not going to be a bore.

5. Bastard Lord



Speaking of doom, Bastard Lord is also supposed to be putting out something new this year. We’ll have to keep you posted about this one as well, once we make contact with the architects of the already widely respected songs on the album above!

6. Rebel Scum



Were you at the Silo City show where Enthauptung released their 2nd album this past November 21? If you were, you would’ve caught Sun Black Smoke, as well as Rebel Scum! This is a super group of sorts, including members of Theatre Nocturne, Cain and others. It’s angry, dirty, grimy thrash with hints of crust punk, black metal, death metal and more! Want something pissed off, authentic and diverse? Get ready for the debut release from these guys at some point in 2016!

A Stranger To Remorse (downtempo sludge) and Goblin Hovel (folk metal) are both also set to release new music this year. Frankly, we can’t wait to hear all of these. There’s so much talent in our region, it’s disgusting, and there’s no reason to snub it and miss out! Furthermore, a new eclectic project, no doubt combining elements of black metal, folk metal and classical music, will be coming from Andrew McGirr (Hubris) and Allana Sturm (ex Throne of Wilderness). New music from Olean’s fun- loving bunch, Dredneks (rockabilly, punk, rock, metal), is on the way too! Their working title for their new album is currently, Disasterpiece. 

Are you ready for 2016? I’d like to think WE’RE ready, but with all the incoming local talent getting ready to blow our minds, only time will tell! Did we miss someone? Let us know either on Facebook or in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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