As the Torch Passes

I’ve spent much of the past few weeks now, holed up in my underground lair, playing old albums, from iconic bands like Motorhead, Dio, Pantera, Led Zeppelin. Now, popping in David Bowie, it dawns on me, our legends are falling off. Sure, it was bound to happen, but that doesn’t make it any less depressing. Yeah, the music they made is with us forever, but now we don’t have NEW music from the Gods. I can play Killed by Death, or The Great Southern Trendkill, and it will take me back to a time I thought these guys would live forever. Surprise. They don’t. It’s fucking time, bands. The doors are open for new legends, new icons. This is truly YOUR time! There won’t be another Lemmy, or Dime, or Dio or David Bowie. But there is still room for you. Big shoes to fill? Absolutely. But it is your time.
The music world is longing for healing, fiending for new heroes. The catch? It’s not going to be handed to you. You have to fight for it. The truth is, I will never tire of listening to these classic bands, but holy shit, I’m ready for something new. Something… different. Yeah, maybe a band from Cali or NYC has the edge. But, most of those bands, they don’t have 1/10th the heart or talent that bands from Buffalo, NY have.
Stand up, Buffalo Music Scene! Take your rightful goddamn place amongst the elite!

“We could be heroes…”- David Bowie
This has been an empassioned plea from an otherwise grumpy old man.
 -The Masked Promoter

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