Album Review: Orius- “The Slender Threads of Fortune”

The Buffalo, New York music scene already has a sterling reputation for having diverse and talented metal acts in its active circuit. Orius is just another fine example of what this city has to offer in that regard, and recently, as it should come to no surprise, they hit another home run with their forthcoming 2nd EP, The Slender Threads of Fortune. 


When they first hit the stage a few years back, Orius gave Buffalo something it wasn’t expecting. Their debut EP, Past Prologue assaulted the scene with a blend of melodic death metal and power metal that no one was ready for, but that everyone wanted more of. Luckily for those with that mindset, Orius did just that and put together another well rounded 6 song EP.
The Slender Threads of Fortune, a concept piece based on the first 200 pages of “The Count of Monte Cristo”, starts off with “Life and Fortune”, a blisteringly fast power metal style anthem, beginning with James Brown’s punishing harsh vocals, which incidentally are a lot more present on this release. Then, lead vocalist Ryan Skerrett takes over with the same emotion and well conceived lyrics we’ve come to expect from him. In my opinion, this track has the catchiest chorus on the EP, conveying its message in the sporadically used 6/4 time signature. This is a feel Orius tends to employ from time to time, and with riff writing like guitarist Dan Carr’s, it’s hard to imagine the songs being crafted any other way. Also, in the realm of their guitar work, Orius recently took in guitarist/backing vocalist Jesse Benker (ex Herod), who has already brought a lot to the table, live and otherwise.
Throughout the rest of the EP, in the songs, “All Wicked Men”, “Emperors and Fools”, “Catatonia” and “Coraggio”, you’ll hear a barrage of Gothenburg melodic death style riffing and traditional power metal riffs and leads, all masterfully structured to the point of establishing their own genre. These 4 tracks have their emotional ups and downs, taking the listener in and out of ballad progressions and uplifting fretboard frenzies.
The inner core of The Slender Threads of Fortune, admirably skilled metal drummer, Mike Paquette (ex Theatre Nocturne), maintains his role as the steadfast heartbeat of Orius and ties the entire affair together. Quick, mechanical, intricate drumming like Paquette’s is the glue holding this band at the forefront of the scene going into 2016, and by their powers combined, this is bound to be an extremely successful year for the group.
The Slender Threads of Fortune is due out on March 26. The release show will be at The Studio @ Waiting Room, but until then, keep spinning Past Prologue and remind anyone in the dark about this band to check them out! Here’s the flier for the release show:
Below, you’ll find the brand new music video for the final track on The Slender Threads of Fortune, “Coraggio”.
Stay tuned for more, Metallers, and as always, thank you for indulging!

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