Show Review: Eareckson Murray’s Dirty 30

  • He’s been to every metal show in the last 10 years.
  • He’s been in every metal band that has come and gone in the last 10 years.
Okay, so maybe those two points were greatly exaggerated, but let’s look at the facts. His efforts involving show booking and promotion, performances in various bands on vocals, guitar and drums (depending on the band) and his incredible generosity (backlining show after show with his own gear, sometimes when he wasn’t even playing) are greatly responsible for the Buffalo metal scene’s continued perseverance. And needless to say, those who know him and appreciate him love to give thanks. A perfect example would be his 30th birthday show at Mohawk Place this past Saturday night.
Mohawk erupted on the night in question. I must admit, I hadn’t been to a local show that fun in so long and I was feeling pretty nostalgic. Desekrator (Victor, NY melodic thrash) kicked off the night and played a high energy set, including a cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. Eareckson’s band, Cain (Buffalo thrash) destroyed immediately after, ending their set with their own Motorhead tribute. Murray was pretty smart to play earlier in the night, considering the drunken shenanigans that followed.
Cavern (instrumental/atmospheric rock/metal) from Oakland, Maryland took to the stage next. As anyone present can tell you, they stood out like a sore thumb on a lineup of extreme metal bands, but they certainly have their own set of chops. Their stage presence and musicianship are both admirable and I’d recommend them to fans of music in general for those reasons. If I ever made a high energy action or fantasy film with lots of huge panning shots of grand landscapes, I’d call them in a heartbeat to write the soundtrack!
Then, finally, the night concluded with the one time only return of Pig Rectum (Buffalo death/grindcore/thrash)! It was like a night at the Funeral Home all over again, with bodies flying left and right, witty perverted banter on and off stage, and of course, the uncanny antics of Enthauptung’s Joe Leising (guitar/lead vocals for Pig Rectum). And as one last birthday present to Eareckson, they covered King Diamond’s “Welcome Home”, in the most horrible but fitting way possible. Their rendition was hilarious and for a few moments, everyone in the venue was involved.
It was a night of flying glow sticks, inflatable guitars and saxophones, “torso moshing”, slurred words, “filthy” language and a room packed to the brim with family and friends. If you weren’t there, I’m truly sorry you missed out. Quite frankly, I can only hope to see another local show like that in my lifetime. So, on that note, here’s to staying optimistic about our scene’s future!
Thanks for reading and as always, check out all the bands mentioned and attend shows!

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