Six Shot Studios: Serving Up Killer Graphics on a Silver Platter!

If your band is in need of graphic design work, we highly recommend that you contact Brian Platter at Six Shot Studios. Based in Amherst, NY, Six Shot has been working with bands and businesses since 2005, bringing people’s musical or business ventures to life through the power of strong logos and other forms of advertisement.


Furthermore, it’s very likely that if you’re involved in the WNY metal scene, you’ve seen Brian’s work without knowing it. If you support a lot of bands in the area, perhaps some of these will jog your memory:

Band logos:

Album art:

Band apparel:


Brian’s rates have always been reasonable and he’s always up for challenges. This is just a taste of what he has to offer bands, whether you’re up and coming or a group of scene veterans. As a longtime supporter of the music scene, asking Brian to serve up a hot platter of killer graphics is never an issue! 

Need a lyric video? Brian has a pretty impressive arsenal of those as well on his YouTube channel. Here are just a few examples:

If you’re in need of Six Shot’s services, here’s some contact info:

Six Shot Studios– official site

“Like” Six Shot on Facebook


Six Shot on YouTube

Business phone- 716-218-9278


Oh, there’s one other logo of Platter’s we forgot to include! How about this gem?


You might think we’re being a little biased here, but we’d be fools to keep a lid on the guy who helped us bring life to our little webzine! We hope this article helps connect artists with the right designs they need to launch their product!

In closing, here are some testimonials from local musicians who have used Six Shot Studios:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Brian Platter and Six Shot Studios several times over the last few years with my band, Weaponex. His professional demeanor and creative acumen are always a pleasure to be involved with. Whether it be his work for us on our lyric video, album art, logo design or any other service available, he always offers very reasonable prices, quick turnarounds and quality workmanship. His communication with clients is articulate, succinct, and always on point. I definitely recommend his professional talents to anyone in need of web design, graphic design or any other band/ art endeavor.” – Mike Willard (Weaponex)

“Brian Platter at Six Shot Studios has been an invaluable asset for both Orius and the Buffalo music scene. He’s an innovative designer who has helped shape our image and given us the polished look we’ve always desired. Brian is essentially the “sixth man” of our band and has provided artwork for our last two EPs. In addition to the actual album designs, he has also been able to incorporate his work into other areas of our merch, including t-shirts, stickers, and pins. His ability to transform our ideas into a sleek and professional final product is second to none, and we highly recommend his services to any band looking to take that next step.” – Ryan Skerrett (Orius)

Have you worked with Six Shot before and want to write your own testimonial? Do so in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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