The Metal Webzine’s First Birthday Bash!

On Friday April 8, we at The Metal are celebrating our 1 year anniversary at Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon in West Seneca! We’ve got an amazing lineup for you to enjoy, a foam sword battle and 3 gift baskets that will be raffled off during the show. Here are the details:

  • The foam sword battle:

Dethlehem (RPG themed melodic death from Pittsburgh, PA) is headlining this show and one of their merch staples is a foam sword branded with their logo. We are buying at least 50 of these and giving them out at the door to patrons upon admission ($10). If you’re attending this show and you accept a sword, we ask that you stay until the end of the night because throughout Dethlehem’s set, we want to give them the biggest foam sword battle they’ve seen!

  • Gift basket #1, courtesy of Mike:

Misc. Star Wars merch.

  • Gift basket #2, courtesy of Vick:

Misc. booze.

  • Gift basket #3, courtesy of Mike Deitzman:

Misc. porn.

Now, on to the bands!


  • Urdarbrunnr

A 2 piece death metal act that really has their shit together. Don’t underestimate them because they’ve chosen to forego bass and a 2nd guitar. I’d post a song, but they’re a fairly new act and don’t have any music up yet. So, I guess you’ll just have to show up and find out!

  • Armageddon

By now, if you’ve been in the Buffalo metal scene for any length of time, you HAVE to know this band. They’re the young thrash attack with riffs that out shred and drums that out blast most of us “veterans” playing metal around here. Here’s a sample video for a new song of theirs they asked me to post:

New Armageddon riffage!

They’re finally working with two guitarists again, so be on the lookout for the return of fuller sounding solos and lovely harmonies!

  • Weaponex

They’re the kings of prog metal in Buffalo, starring Mike Willard on vocals and guitar, Dan Behrens (Danimal Cannon) on bass and Larry Steele on drums. Check out the lyric video for their tune, “The Aberration”:

  • Darkapathy

Buffalo’s “Deliverers of Doom” are always on point! They also bring to the table, some of the sickest guttural vocals I’ve heard in some time. Check out their video for “Condemned in Black!:

  • Murder City Outlaws

These guys have something special to bring to the table at this show! Be sure to check out these Buffalo thrash punk icons with their new bassist, Mike Zamerski (GAWD)! Here’s their tune, “Lost in Time”:

  • Dethlehem

You’ve never heard melodic death quite like this before! Heavily influenced by RPGs, these guys bring with them a stage show all their own! There’s something to be said about their humor and work ethic as well. They’re constantly playing out, writing new material, recording, the works! If you’re into the style, they deserve your support! Here’s their HILARIOUS video for “Mystic Island”!:

We hope to see everyone at the show! Please keep in mind that it’s 21 + with ID. Also, no dicks allowed, but we didn’t need to tell you that! Do us a favor and spread both the flyer and the event page around like the plague:

Click here for the event page!



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