Competing shows are a real bummer for bands, promoters and patrons alike, but on the other hand, what if your area never got any shows whatsoever, and you were always forced to travel out of town to see your favorite bands?

Over the next few months, three big dates for competing shows are hitting the Buffalo/Rochester area. A lot of people like to blame promoters for this, but the fact of the matter is that 9 times out of 10, bands’ schedules just work out the way they work out and things like this simply happen. Furthermore, 10 times out of 10, you have to realize that a music scene is a business for the people who perpetuate it. People aren’t going to turn down a potential opportunity because of a conflicting event, unless they know for a fact that the odds are in the other event’s favor. Awesomely enough, this is not the case for the 3 dates I’m going to mention. The shows competing on these dates should all do fairly well for themselves. So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

March 7, 2016


Carcass vs Conan vs Testament

Carcass is playing The Waiting Room In Buffalo, while Conan (doom metal) is playing Mohawk Place, also in Buffalo. Meanwhile, legendary thrashers, Testament, are having their way with Rochester’s Montage Music Hall. Many of you guys don’t think Testament should be included in this clash of steel, however I think Rochester is close enough and that Testament is revered enough for the gig to matter.

April 17, 2016

Ghost vs Killswitch Engage

Here’s another one that might be a little controversial. Ghost and Killswitch are too very different sounding bands and to top it off, Ghost is playing Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls, while Killswitch brings the serious metalcore to Buffalo’s Town Ballroom. I was personally conflicted about this date, but made a firm decision I could live with in the end. I’ll give you my 3 picks later.

May 7, 2016


Competing shows at the local level are even more touchy, especially when they are a direct clash of the same genres. As an avid supporter of the local scene, I have to get behind both gigs even though I’ve chosen one over the other. Let’s flyer up and take a look:

Our very first article was a 2 year late review of Seplophile’s album Mesonoxian. We fucking love Seplophile, and after a recent grueling hiatus, they have finally announced their triumphant return to the stage. Furthermore, on the same bill, Tony Lorenzo (ex Sons of Azrael) will also be returning to the stage for the first time in years with his new project, Corpse Collector. Throw in Hubris (true black metal), Varices (awesome death metal) and Sulaco (Tech metal from Rochester) and you’ve got yourself one for the ages! It’s all going down at Stamps in Tonawanda.

At the same time, Buffalo’s Deliverers of Doom, Darkapathy are going to be tearing it up with Rochester death metal legends- Gutted Alive, then of course, Mass Casualty, Misanthropy and The Crypt at Mohawk Place. You have to admit, these are two pretty stacked dockets. Both shows deserve to do well and I feel confident saying that they will both be an amazing time!

Now, for my picks (not like anyone cares what I do):

March 7:

I doubt I can get off work, but if I’m going to any show this Monday night it’s going to be Carcass. This is a band I never thought I’d ever get to see live and style wise, they’re more up my alley.

April 17:

Ghost entertains the shit out of me, but I have to go with Killswitch. I’ve loved KSE since 2002 and would rather go with the show that will make me feel nostalgic and fulfilled.

May 7:

The combination of Seplophile, Tony Lorenzo’s big comeback, and the uncanny presence and drive of Hubris is too good for me to pass up. I’ll be at Stamps with too much PBR in my bloodstream!

Just remember scene folk, it could be worse. We could always be forced to subject ourselves to YouTube videos of shows happening too far away for us to get to. This is a business when things are all cut and dry, but none of us would be going to shows, booking shows or playing shows if we didn’t all have a love for music- the foundation of what we do.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a few more album reviews in the near future, including new music from Armageddon, The Long Cold Dark and Nazgul!


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