Killer Weekend for Local Metal Gatherings

Two great events are happening in the Buffalo area this weekend and we think you need to attend them both!


This Saturday, March 19, Brian Pattison will be throwing his annual concert for Jennifer Rinaldo at Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon! Here are some words about Jennifer, who died of cancer in 2013, from Pattison:

Jennifer Rinaldo a beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside. She was a tremendous friend, daughter and mother. Jen was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer around Christmas of 2011. Jen immediately began treatments. The side effects of her treatments and meds were brutally harsh on her but through it all she continued to fight. Even in the darkest of times Jen continued to put others above herself….taking some of the money that was raised at a benefit for her and donating it to a young girl who was also fighting cancer and always making sure her children were taken care of. She battled through gamma knife treatments then chemo and when chemo became too harsh she moved on to a newer treatment at CCS Oncology. On September 14, 2013 Jen’s body could take no more and she succumbed to cancer leaving behind 3 children (2 teenagers and a 5 year old).

Featured on the event, will be Embalmer, which is a huge deal if you’re a fan of long running underground death metal bands. They hail from Cleveland, Ohio and have been around since 1990, so you better be prepared for a lengthy set of intense songs, covering a good portion of their discography. If you’re unfamiliar with these guys, but you call yourself a fan of classic death, I recommend their album, There Was Blood Everywhere (1997), which is available for digital download on Bandcamp for less than 8 dollars. Also, be on the lookout for Embalmer’s new album, entitled Emanations From the Crypt, due out on April 1.

Joining Embalmer will be FYPM (Fuck You Pay Me), a hardcore punk band also from Cleveland. We hear these guys bring an intense live show, so hold on to your butts!

Then, there’s Longest War, a hardcore band with members hailing from Buffalo, Rochester, Hamilton, Ontario and Seattle. Longest War features Mike Jeffers (Herod, Union) on drums, a longtime veteran of the Buffalo metal scene, as well as former members of Achilles, Chokehold and Despair.

Ish kabbible, a progressive instrumental project with only drums and bass, will also be there to tear the place apart! Kenny Brand (Avulsion) is on drums and his son Augustin handles bass duties. For those unfamiliar, they are truly a band to be seen and heard.

Finally, the Deliverers of Doom themselves, Darkapathy will be there, delivering devastating blows of deliciously evil death and gore, courtesy of tracks from their latest album, Condemned in Black. 

So, regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of heavy music, there’s going to be a little something for everyone on this bill. Not to mention, it’s all for a great cause, so we strongly urge you to go out and show your support!


Then, on Sunday March 20, Patrick and Christina Pagan have rented out Mohawk Place for the sole purpose of providing bands and show-goers with the means to converse, listen to great metal, and of course, buy, trade and sell both merch and art. This sort of thing doesn’t happen enough in the area and we’re pretty happy that the Pagans have stepped up to the plate to make this happen! The event is called Metal Mass and we urge you to stop over at the event page by clicking here and make your presence known!

Please, do yourselves a favor and visit all of the links in this article, whether you’re familiar with the bands mentioned or not! Come out and support both of these events! Donate what you can to the Jennifer Rinaldo fund, then bring your merch, art and music to Metal Mass and help make that a great night too! Thanks for reading!



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