Album Review: Post Mortal Possession- Forest of the Damned

Those saying that pure death metal is on its way out, should take a trip to Pittsburgh, PA and see Post Mortal Possession. These guys have been devastating their scene for the last three years with their own twisted, uncompromising, brutal brand of death and they don’t appear to be showing mercy any time soon. Their forthcoming EP, Forest of the Damned showcases everything that makes this genre great.


The EP kicks off with an eerie intro sample, getting your adrenaline pumping right away. An ominous screeching gets louder and louder, until finally, the first full track, “Skinwalker” gets things going with a low end death march style chord riff and Kerry King sounding dive bomb. This perfect overture paves the way for 7 solid tracks of amazingly diverse vocals from Eddie Gremba, delivering a bombardment of growls, screeches, highs and mids, all perfectly placed for your enjoyment. The guitars on the EP are equally as diverse, courtesy of Jake Sewage and Brian Cremeens. The riffs jump around from track to track, with styles ranging from sludgy, to fast evil sounding tremolo sections, to Slayer style dive bomb solos. Melodic harmonies even come and go from the songs, creating a little something for all who call themselves fans of extreme music.

The rhythm section is just as devastating as those in the forefront of the band’s sound. Drummer, Nick Bentzel flawlessly punishes the listener with strong intricate fills, dangerously fast, precise blast beats and nice cymbal and double kick accents. While, bassist, Tim Church never misses a beat and always syncs up with Bentzel perfectly.

Track 6, “Implements of Hell” is my personal favorite. As a melodic death fan, it’s got the higher raspy vocals, melodic edge and quick 3/4 time signature I crave in my metal. But don’t let that description fool you. It’s just as brutal as the other songs on the release.

Take a listen to track 5 on Forest of the Damned, entitled, “Devices of Death”, recently released by the band as a teaser. It’s an ideal song to lead with for a release like this and if you like this kind of metal, you’re bound to become an instant fan after listening!

The EP closes with the title track, “Forest of the Damned”. My favorite guitar solo on the album happens about midway through this song and is complimented by gritty sounding black metal style highs. It’s probably the most somber sounding moment on the EP, but in my opinion, what is death metal without at least a little sadness to compliment the chaos?

Forest of the Damned will officially be released on April 15, but the band has stated on their Facebook page that simply contacting them will secure you an EP/shirt purchase early.


Post Mortal Possession - Forest of the Damned EP - Back of cd Finished product

As always, thanks for checking out this review. If you’re just now digging on Post Mortal Possession and are unfamiliar with Pittsburgh’s death metal scene, we strongly recommend their good friends United By Hate as well, a band we’ve discussed a handful of times on this site.

Stay tuned for more of the usual from us as we get closer to our 1 year anniversary show on April 8! Horns and hails, Metallers!


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