Album Review: Perdition- Lost Rites

Perdition Lost Rites EP Cover Art

Sadly, I had no idea there were any bands like Perdition in Erie, PA. I was simply blown away by this album. Lost Rites is a killer EP from an already reputable symphonic death metal band. Vocally, it’s everything you’d come to expect from a band of this style, with a range that speaks volumes for what’s yet to come for these guys. Guitar wise, it’s a flawless blend of melodic death metal, traditional death metal and hints of the mid 2000s deathcore movement. As for the rhythm section, the bass and drums on this record both positively crush, and finally, the symphonic elements tie it all together, with synth/orchestral arrangements perfectly sprinkled throughout the release. My only real complaint about Lost Rites is that it’s only 17 minutes long, but all 5 songs on this EP rip with the best of the best of their respective scene.

The album kicks off with “Zeitgeist”, a 44 second ominous intro that perfectly paints a picture of what you’re about to get yourself into. Eerie keys kick into “Genocide”, the first full song, which solidifies your journey into the heart of Perdition’s core sound: fast melodies, fast intricate drumming, haunting harsh vocals and beautifully layered symphonic elements. “The Hymn Creeper” is up next and is my favorite song on the EP. It’s the most orchestral and the most “fist pump worthy” tune, with heavy stomp progressions, interwoven with epic tremolo picked melodies and a nice clean guitar transition that comes out of nowhere, but somehow brings order to all the surrounding chaos. The next song, “The Shattered Hands of Thieves” (awesome title) has a great clean guitar intro accompanied by Immortal style black metal sounding highs. There’s this undeniable urge to dance the Waltz throughout this entire song, even after it goes distorted and violent, and it provides a nice calm before the final storm on the record. The final storm I’ve referred to is the title track, “Lost Rites”, which appropriately kicks off with the heaviest riff on the EP (in my opinion). This track has a lot of low end, vocally and guitar wise and keeps things nice and heavy throughout. It’s the ideal conclusion for such an admirably dark release.

If I had to compare this EP to one album, I’d probably say it’s in the same vein as In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns, by Abigail Williams, just not as polished. Lost Rites has a more raw and authentic sound throughout its duration, leaving you satisfied that you weren’t simply duped by studio magic, and all the while anxiously waiting for more!

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Thanks for reading this review! As always, there’s lots more to come, so stay tuned, Metallers!


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