Album Review: “Captive Audience”, by The Long Cold Dark


Now that all of Friday’s fun and games are over, it’s back to serious business for Mike and I.  I finally get to do my first album review, and The Long Cold Dark is on deck.  I got to speak with Drew yesterday about their new EP, Captive Audience, and their release show on April 29th at Stamps…  Drew admitted to me that he was “scared” about this review, as if I am this completely heartless and vicious critic with nothing good to say about anything.  On the contrary..

The Long Cold Dark has previously  released two full lengths in 2010 and 2013, a self titled and The Inner Workings of Infinity, along with an earlier self titled demo.  It’s really hard to slip them neatly into any of the various metal subgenres; they’ve essentially taken a number of aspects of a range of said subgenres and threw them into a blender.  The Metal Archives calls them thrash/groove metal, but I think that’s far too cookie-cutter for this band.  They’ve brought in some metalcore/djent-y influence with these simple groovy riffs. A couple breakdowns and a couple blast beats. Drew’s screams have this witchy, black metal kind of sound, while on the other side of the metal genre spectrum, his singing is, dare I say, “nu-metal”?

TLCD CA front

I’ve seen TLCD a few times now, and before I listened to Captive Audience, I had a pretty straight forward idea of what I should expect- exactly what I’ve listed above. And that’s exactly what the guys deliver in their five tracks.  Every song begins with sweet catchy riffs, and Drew’s screams are constantly on point.  Not to mention that the production is pretty damn near perfect, and every song sounds exceptionally clear and crisp.

There isn’t anything on this album that I hate or think sucks. The only thing I think is a little off is some of Drew’s cleans, where they sound just a little too off key, almost akin to some of the songs Chino Moreno from Deftones sings.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Drew is a solid vocalist, I just don’t think this style of singing fits in with this album.

I want to tell you more and be really specific like Mike usually does when he breaks everything down song by song, but I don’t want to give away everything away- that isn’t my job.  All I’m going to leave you with is this teaser, and if  you’ll just have to wait until their EP drops later this month! Cheers, and see you at the show!


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