Musings of the Door Guy- The Metal’s 1st Birthday Bash

“Musings of the Door Guy”, by Mike Deitzman

* Minor anal retentive editing, by Mike Marlinski

So, truth be told, I’ve kind of been on the ground floor with the planning on the show. I guess I’ve just been  the dude Mike and Vick can bounce ideas off of. Backtrack slightly: I left booking a few years ago. I was steep in debt and I have not just me, but a wife to take care of, so I walked away, secretly stewing as I watched all these shows happen that were either awful or decent, with a few “Holy shit, that’s amazing!” shows sprinkled in far too lightly . I refer to it as breaking up with a girlfriend and you just can’t stand that her new man just isn’t fucking her right.

I was good for over 2 years, then that asshole Mike Marlinski started The Metal Webzine with Vick. I can’t remember if I inquired about maybe doing a blog or Mike did, but we discussed it. I was gone guys, and happy about randomly showing up once or twice a year to shows… But alas, I did write articles under the worst kept secret in history (along with aliens, the 9/11 conspiracy, and who actually killed JFK). Yes, I was/am The Masked Promoter.

When Mike and Vick wanted to do this show, they bounced ideas off me, and I threw some ideas back. Admittedly, they were mostly shitty ideas. They give me too much credit, and naturally, I accept. (My vanity knows no limits.) But, in reality, this show was their baby; their idea. A week before the show, Mike asked if I would come out of retirement and work the door. I told him to eat a dick, but he refused to accept it, and talked me into it.

Guys, that was a surreal night for me. Seeing so many of you wonderful fuckers under one roof ruled. It was strange at first for me, but natural to be at the door. We had a killer turnout, and people seemed to really dig the prize packs people (including myself necause I rule) donated. Shout out to Joe Tonaus for winning the dick straws, and both the Standishs for winning the Star Wars and Horror packs. Shout out to Lisa Lay for winning the local metal batch of sweetness. (And HOLY shit can that chick bake. I may have gained 5lbs from those brownies with the cookie on them which was the mouth sex I desperately needed.)

Okay, long winded as a motherfucker, I know. Here’s where we get to main part of this review, and what you all come to this site to read and talk about: Bands!

Urdarbrunnr: That is one HELL of a band to open a show with. It was like a surprise kick to the balls. I like my death/black like I like my chicken…. A spicy 2 piece with extra Satan on the side. They’re super nice dudes too and I’ll totally go see them again.

Armageddon: You guys ruled. Yes, I know you didn’t play, and I’m not being a dick, I mean it. They still came, paid to get in, and donated merch.  That’s beyond awesome. Someone is teaching the future of this scene correctly.

Weaponex: Thanks for the music boner you gave us. Literally a band that deserves multiple views, because you will spend much of their set pointing incredulously and saying, “HOW THE FUCK DID THEY DO THAT?” They never sound less than amazing.

Darkapathy: Literally my favourite area band right now. (Proud egotistical ex promoter moment in 3…2..1) ya know, I booked their first show, and thought they were fantastic back then. Guys, they’re even better now. Much, much better. Always ferocious.

Murder City Outlaws: Pssh, like those dudes ever disappoint! Punk-Metal Titans. It’s just not a party without your rowdy, drunk buddies tearing up the stage.

Dethlehem: They were awful and nobody stayed for them. It was super disappointing. As the kids say “LOL, JK” as they fucking have always done when they come here (it’s been a few times now, one or 2 more and they can add Buffalo as their other hometown) Pittsburgh pussy magnets, Dethlehem, murdered the crowd (no small feat after these openers)! There was a nice pit, filled with foam sword battles, shields, and Tony Lorenzo destroying all in his path. The ‘Deth boys have a fun show, but they could play those songs without any of the gear on and it would still be phenomenal. Thank god they don’t, as I appreciate them making me smile before buttfucking me dry with all that musicianship.

The Rockin Buffalo: Mike Shearer is the man. He’s got a great staff, and if you haven’t been to a show there, you are missing out. My favorite venue to see a show at, hands down.

To Mike and Vick: Fuck you and thank you for letting me be a part of the team.

To the 9 different people who asked me if I’m ever going to do shows again: It’s definitely possible, but one thing I can tell you- if Mike and Vick book another show, I’ll be doing the door again. That shit was too much fun.

Til next time. Thanks for the memories.

A few extra thank yous from Mike Marlinski-
Cody Bollinger: Thanks for shooting the show! Killer photographer right here, people! I’ll be posting some of his live shots in the mosaic below!
Tony Lorenzo: I was honored by your presence, dude. You told me I was the first person you had handed a show flyer to in years. Stay tuned for some big announcements concerning this guy!
Now, check out a killer photo mosaic below, featuring some of Buffalo’s best metal talent!

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