What?!: Limp Bizkit- “Three Dollar Bill Y’all”


Article by, Mike Deitzman

Limp Bizkit. Before I even go any further I can feel the scoff and taste the scorn radiating off you just by saying the name. Few bands in the history of recorded sound have taken as much flack as Limp Bizkit; mostly earned, mind you, but, I love them. Yes, I humbly, yet proudly, am saying the words “I am a Limp Bizkit fan”.  So for today, I happily serve up a review on not only my favorite LB album, but an album that legit stands at #6 on my top 100 favorite albums. Yes! It’s 3 Dollar Bill Y’all!

What? I lose “metal cred” by writing a review on a nu metal/ rap metal record that was released July 1st 1997? That’s okay, at 35 years old, I’m not the least bit concerned about what I like making you feel uncomfortable. Now, before I go into the individual songs, I want to touch briefly on what this album is classified as: nu metal and rap metal are really just portions of the overall pie. It has a lot of styles all meshed together including rock, metal, hip hop, jazz, jam band stuff, even funk is represented well. My belief is that if Fred Durst hadn’t joined the band and they had some rotten smelling (I say that with love) punk kid yelling about how shitty the government is (Not you Thom and the boys, the other government), all those hipster fans would have embraced them. They went a different route. Like him, love him or hate him, Fred is a polarizing figure for sure. He had an overwhelming presence even before the fame, there were lots of punk, metal, and hardcore kids at the Korn show in 96 at Ogden Street Concert Hall (sold out show if I recall) the entire place was a pit, and the crowd was in the palm of Fred’s hand. The album didn’t come out for another 7 or 8 months, so we wore out the demo tapes they handed out (very rare glimpse into the punkier version of the band before DJ Lethal joined).
Yes, I know they covered “Faith”, I know it was a massive hit, thrust a band into the MTV/TRL Carson Daly thing. I don’t care, it’s a fun song, but it’s my least favorite on the album.
Okay, now that the preliminary shit is out the way, let’s crunch this.
The record starts off with a cool intro, and cuts right into “Pollution”. This song has very little rapping, it’s more punk metal. So if you’re completely against even the notion of rap infiltrating your precious metal, I really suggest this song first. It makes the transition into the scary rapping a little easier.
My 2nd favorite song is next, “Counterfeit”. A song written, because it seemed like every time LB played a show, 3 more bands started sagging their pants and rapping (great guitar work by Wes Borland here).
“I wonder what it’s like to be a clone, doing nothing, nothing on my own.
Alone in your misery, you’re biting on my new style, filed as a counterfeit, going down in history as nothing but a copycat.”
My favorite song, “Stuck” really exemplifies what I wish the band would have stuck (all puns intended) with. It’s powerful and it deals with a crazy female. (Humiliating moment in 3 2 1) Back in 1997, on America Online (back when you needed a phone line) AOL let you have profiles. If you were alive, then you know what’s up. (ASL came from here) Anyway, if you ran across Mike16DKorn you’d have noticed my profile just said “Hostile”, because of the lyrics “Labelled hostile by my profile”. Yeah, I was a real lady-killer, but that’s not Fred Durst’s fault.
Look guys, I’m not gonna hold your hand through every track. This is a great record, and I need you guys to know that your musical elitism is holding you back from admitting that. Might sound harsh reading this, but the truth hurts sometimes. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You’re reading this webzine, so I think you’re pretty amazing, dude. I just think that elitism in music is just a way to hold you back, and you don’t need that type of shit in your life.
lf it helps at all, this album is 100% nothing like “Nookie” or “Rollin'”, or “Break Stuff”, or that more pop rap metal style most people associate the band with. It’s harder, heavier, faster and much harsher than that. I like to tell people it’s as if the Limp Bizkit you remember was covering Suicidal Tendencies. Oh boy, I bet that pissed off somebody reading this…
Stand out tracks: “Stuck”, “Counterfeit”, “Pollution”, “Nobody Loves Me”, and “Indigo Flow”.
Click the link below to hear:

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