Album Review: HUNS- Kommen Winter


This is an interesting listen…

HUNS is a 3-piece instrumental rock  band from Buffalo, NY. I’m currently giving their new EP, Kommen Winter a second listen and am thoroughly enjoying it! After listening to the opening track, a 6 minute roller coaster ride called “Drei Soldaten”, you’ll officially have a solid idea of what you’re in for. HUNS comes fully loaded with all the mid paced low end guitar and bass licks you’d come to expect from a stoner rock band, but their sound also packs a punch with classic heavy metal lead guitar work, the likes of Black Sabbath, and Adam Jones style choppy riffs, reminiscent of his work on Tool’s Aenima album.

Brandon Schmitt brings all those influences to the table on guitar, while Jacob Whitefield provides an incredible dynamic on bass, fully utilizing the fret board at every opportunity. Jacob isn’t your average “ride the root notes” kind of player. Since this is an instrumental project with only one guitar, the bass needs to fill in the gaps in terms of notes as well as rhythm, which Jacob does perfectly. The guitar and bass find uniformity when needed, but also plug in a really interesting back and forth correspondence during the more jammy parts. Rightfully so, the band’s rhythm section gets particularly interesting under guitar leads, which is where Frank DiMaria’s drumming really shines.


For only 4 tracks, there’s an awful lot to take in on this release. This EP gives you 24 minutes of killer instrumental music to play around with. For the entirety, Jacob Whitefield and Frank DiMaria are a surprising and well rounded foundation for the band, providing a rhythm section that never misses a beat and takes away any need for a second guitarist or vocalist. In my opinion, HUNS is what instrumental rock should be.

The final track, “Kommen Winter” is just a little over 7 minutes long, but it seems like it ends in under 2 minutes. Actually, all 4 tracks are that jam packed with skill and intrigue, so I’d advise you not to play video games or anything during your first listen. Do yourself a favor and drink it all in before you start adding distractions.

Locally, I’d compare these guys to Bastard Lord, Sun Black Smoke and Second Trip. The only thing I think I’ve left out is HUNS’s more ambient side, which reminds me of some earlier Sigur Ros work crossed with Jesu or Isis (the band!). Kommen Winter was recorded by Joe Leising (Enthauptung, Seplophile, Pig Rectum) at Rotten Metal Studios. Joe has always had a knack for recording stuff like this, so if you have longer songs with a lot of substance that fall into the categories mentioned above, or you’re just looking to rip someone’s head off with extreme metal, Mr. Leising could very well be your man.

That about does it for this review. HUNS just released this EP last night at Mohawk Place and I highly recommend giving it a listen and checking out a live show ASAP. These guys did a killer job putting all this together! Enjoy!

Older release for your listening pleasure:


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