What?!: Mike Deitzman’s Top 20 Nu Metal Hits

So, here it is: 20 of my favorite nu metal songs. Grab your “Dickhouse” Skateboard shirt, your JNCO jeans and push mosh to your hearts desire.


Taproot – “POEM”
“This song is a poem to myself, it helps me to liiiiive…”

19. Crossfade – “Cold”

“I’m always wrapped up in things I cannot win…”

18. Adema – “The Way You Like It”

“Sometimes, I only remember the days when I was young, nowadays no one remembers when they were young and stupid…”

17. The Apex Theory – “Shh… (Hope Diggy)”

(I can’t understand enough of the lyrics but the song is super fun.)

16. Cold – “Gone Away”

hqdefault (1)
“I can’t breathe, when you cry, but I’ll be there to hold you tight. I will kill, I will fight, to keep you close I’ll keep singing the same way…”
Everything Cold does is amazing and I’ll support that band no matter what.

15. Primer 55 – “The Big Fuck You”

“I hear ya talking shit but I can’t stop laughing…”
This is the song you put on your JNCO jeans to. Then, you throw on your element skateboard shirt and get pumped up to punch your friend in the face.

14. Vanilla Ice – “Scars”

“Reality sucks, too much pain, I can’t explain why I wanna bash brains…”
Ice got angry for a brief period. Mosh pits ensued. It was AWESOME.

13. Static X – “Push It”

“I’m spilling blood and I can….hardly contain it!”
Not the most lyrical of the nu metal phase, but still epic. Also, seeing a show that went Morbid Angel first, Static X second, followed by Slayer, then Pantera was… interesting to say the least.

12.  Downset – “Anger”

“Anger- hostility towards the opposition.”
More hardcore than nu metal, but still a crazy song.

11. Biohazard – “Sellout”

” I’ll never sell my soul!!”
This is one of my favorite bands period, but this song is totally their way of tapping into the nu metal market since most nu metal bands poached Biohazard’s sound anyway, without giving these boys their cut.

10. Coal Chamber – “Loco”

“Me Loco… Me  Loco…”
Oh, Dez. Very few have infiltrated such polarizing scenes like nu metal and uber heavy Devildriver music. Cheers to you.

9. Mudvayne – “Dig”

“blerghhblag bury me, bejebdne everything that I am!”
I like this band more musically than lyrically.

8. Powerman 5000 – “When Worlds Collide”

download (1)
“This is what it’s like when worlds collide”

7. Drowning Pool – “Bodies”

hqdefault (2)
“Let the bodies hit the floor!!!!!”

6. Deftones – “My Own Summer”

I’ll always feel bad that Deftones died after this album and their clones make music poorly.

5. Incubus – “Pardon Me”

hqdefault (3)
“Pardon me while I burst into flames”
Really? This band is so talented I shouldn’t have to explain it. You had to have this song readily available in your car if you had a female in it.

4. Staind – “It’s Been Awhile”

“It’s been awhile since I seen the way, candles light your face, it’s been a while but I can still remember just the way you taste…”
I’m already regretting putting this song above Incubus. It just has more “replayability” for me.

3. Everlast – “What It’s Like”

“They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore…”

2. Limp Bizkit – “Stuck”

hqdefault (4)
“No 9-5, I still survive and keep my engine on that amp like a Chattanooga Champ…”
You know my love for LB, so I won’t subject you to it twice in the same week.

1. Korn – “Blind”

You already know the words

The originators. The Kings. This song is so simple, yet it gets you every time.


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