A Storm is Coming: Part II

During the last installment of “A Storm is Coming”, we talked about some new death metal on the verge of sweeping Western New York: Corpse Collector (feat. Tony Lorenzo), Nethergrave and Urdarbrunnr. But for this next segment, we’re going to take a look at a different end of Buffalo’s forthcoming metal spectrum. Enter up and comers, Ferus Din, a new classical inspired black metal band with woodwinds, concocted by Andrew McGirr (Hubris) and Allana Sturm (ex Throne of Wilderness). Here’s what Andrew had to say about the project:
 “Ferus Din is the brainchild of Allana and I ; we write and develop the music together. Though we keep the writing responsibilities to ourselves, we welcome the input of our other musicians. The full lineup includes CW Dunbar on drums, Jason Roman on Bass, and Mike Bunny on guitar. I play guitar and vocals, and maybe an occasional violin, and Allana plays winds and also does vocals. There will be no clean vocals in this music. We have been steering away from “blackened folk metal” or its inverse because the wind lines are never as simple, humorous, or dancy as folk metal is. The best we can do to categorize it right now would probably be “black metal with woodwinds,” or “orchestral black metal,” which would be far more accurate than “symphonic.” Many of the songs are quite long, and not because there are big long jam sections in them, but because it takes time to properly develop good musical themes. Also, the writing is very classical in nature. That’s what I mean when I talk about properly developing themes. We listen to a lot of classical music, and I look to composers like Mussorgsky as models for how to write well.

The music is diverse in tone and scope. Some are charged with the serious tonal/chordal sounds of Taake or Moonsorrow, others remind us more of Tsjuder or Immortal, and many go down a seriously dark rabbit hole like that of Throne of Katarsis. What I am most proud of though, is that a lot of this stuff doesn’t remind me of any band, and that comparisons are superficial, because it is its own beast now.

We are planning to record one sizable song this summer to have up for listen, as a primer for the first show, which is of course our “bachelor/ette” show.”

Hopefully that behind the scenes point of view was enough to stir up your appetite, however, if you’re looking for more folk in your metal, then you’ll want to check out Eareckson Murray’s new power/folk metal band, Arcaenium. Eareckson (Cain, Rebel Scum) is reprising his role as a folk metal drummer in this new project with other former Throne of Wilderness players, Jason Roman (bass; Enthauptung, Ferus Din) and Josh Mason (guitar; Nazgul). As if these guys aren’t already busy enough with their main projects, they just keep cranking out new bands for us to enjoy! Also featured in the band is Cameron McClung on vocals and James Hallenbeck on keyboards and accordion. I’m getting chills just imagining what this is going to sound like. If it’s anything like Throne of Wilderness was, and with some power metal influence along for the ride, then sign me up!

As luck would have it, we were fortunate enough to get Arcaenium to play our first annual holiday show, coming up at Stamps in Tonawanda on December 16. Needless to say, it’s going to be amazing.

Don’t worry, Metallers, there’s a lot more new music heading our way, whether it be from brand new projects or bands rising from the ashes of fallen ideas past. In our next segment of “A Storm is Coming”, we’re going to take a hard look at some super groups forming across state lines, as a few Buffalo metalhead staples team up with like-minded individuals from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and even Canada to bring you some of the sickest extreme music you’ve heard.

Furthermore, if you like traces of crust punk in your metal, you’ll want to give the debut track from Rebel Scum a listen, feat. Kenny Zotara (ex Theatre Nocturne) on guitar and backing vocals, Zack DeMarzio (Cain) on bass and vocals, and Eareckson Murray (Cain, Arcaenium) on drums. The song is called “Speed Freaks”, off their forthcoming debut release, The Scoundrel. You can check it out right here:

Have a killer new project in the works in our area that you think we should be talking about? Please let us know in the comments below or on Facebook! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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