A Storm Is Coming: Part III

So, since we started this little series, we’ve talked about the following soon to be big deals in Buffalo metal:


Now, we’re going to talk about an up and coming grindcore act that crosses state lines to keep their project moving forward. The band is called Anthropic, featuring longtime Buffalo metal promoter and scene supporter, Brian Pattison. Brian’s done a lot for us over the years and I can only hope that everyone gives a little back by supporting the shit out of his new band. Here are some words about the project from Brian himself:

Brian Pattison: “ANTHROPIC has been in various stages of formation for about 6 months now but it is only within the last 2 months that the band has finally been fully formed. One simple goal….to write and play good music with good people. The band consists of me (Brian Pattison) on guitar, Christian Easley on drums, Jared Lubawski on guitar, Paul Kemp on bass and Shawn Doty on vocals. Aside from myself, everyone in the band is from Pittsburgh. So far I’ve written all the music, but I hope as the band progresses that the others will add in ideas, riffs and songs. Old School is probably the most apt description for the music, we’re heavily inspired by grindcore and crust punk from the 1980’s, with a touch of death metal. We hope to have a rehearsal demo available in July, in time for our first show (July 16 at the Rockin Buffalo Saloon). In keeping with our old school mentality we won’t release anything online until we’ve played our first show.”


So, there you have it. Don’t sleep on Anthropic if you know what’s good for you. Speaking of what’s good for you, if you’ve been in the scene, then you’ve been familiar with the name Varices for awhile. Featuring former members of Grady’s Ax, these guys have their own blend of death metal and grindcore designed to meet all your extreme metal needs. Thankfully, they finally have CDs and if you’re going to the Seplophile comeback show at Stamps on Friday May 7, you can snag one in person. But for now, here’s a taste of what Michael Woods and the guys have conjured up in the studio:

We wish we had some music from Anthropic to post, but as Brian indicated, the project is still in its infancy, but once everything is locked and loaded, no one will be left in its wake. Once again, if you’re going to the Seplophile show at Stamps on Friday May 7, you’ll be able to pick up new music from Varices and Nethergrave, so don’t let either of those pass you the fuck by. Here’s the link to the event page once again and the flyer:


And although we hate competing shows, they unfortunately happen, so we’re going to close this out by taking a look at another death metal show happening the same night. You’ve heard us pump Darkapathy and Gutted Alive before, but they are only 2 of the great extreme metal acts playing at Mohawk Place, May 7. Here’s a link to the event page and a flyer for that bad boy:


Any death metal fans in the area looking for something to do on May 7, better come to at least one of these events. We’re fortunate to even have enough bands and promoters in this area to have competing death metal shows, so smile everyone, the scene is alive and fucking well! Enjoy it!




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