Show Review: The Almighty Seplophile Returns!

All photos by Cody Bollinger from Cody Blake Design and Photography

2016 has already been a great year for local shows. Over the past few months, we’ve seen some of the best turnouts in the area in some time. Last night was no exception. Jeffrey Standish of Coming of Rage Productions put on a death metal show that is going to be talked about regularly for at least the next year.


The night kicked off with Tony Lorenzo’s big return to the stage with his new band, Corpse Collector. Honestly, it was the best way to get the crowd in early. No one would’ve been caught dead missing that. Their set was packed with energy from both the crowd and those performing on (and off) stage. Musically, they treated their audience to a combination of old school thrash and death metal riffing, fused with a little grindcore and even crust punk. Awesome stuff! Guest vocalists came and went too, including Cody Bollinger, Louis DiThomas-Keller (Nethergrave) and Frank Lombardi (Beyond Death). Welcome back, Tony!

Varices was up next, delivering death metal fused with grindcore, reminiscent of when those genres were new and fresh. You’ll find a few scene veterans in this band, including vocalist, Michael Woods and drummer, Eric Gailie (Grady’s Ax). They were well received by the crowd and we’re looking forward to their next show! Also, be on the lookout for our review of their debut release, coming very soon!

Hubris. Is there really anything else to say? These guys kill it every single time and transport their audience back to black metal’s beginnings. Their expert execution of the genre’s sound (riffs, drums and vocals that relentlessly assault your senses and frighten you to your core) combined with their introduction of true corpse paint into the Buffalo metal scene provide a show unlike any other in the area. The crowd was spellbound the whole time and the windmills were out in full force!

Speaking of windmills…


Sulaco from Rochester was up next. They were the perfect band to get everyone nice and warmed up for the headliner. These guys tore up the stage with their unique form of technical death metal and immediately got everyone’s attention. Anyone unfamiliar with them before the show, left the show as a new fan. For a 3-piece they sound as full as can be and I was especially impressed with Burke (guitar, vocals) and his ability to effortlessly perform his harsh vocals while playing some of those riffs.

Seplophile. I should just stop there, but that would be a disservice. I know I was one of many who were heartbroken when it seemed as though Seplophile was heading on a downward spiral, but they returned last night in full force. Joe Leising (Hellcannon, Enthauptung, Pig Rectum) has replaced Matt Backlas on guitar and they’ve also reunited with vocalist, Colin Winkelman. Their set was shorter than we would’ve liked, but we did get to hear favorites off of Mesonoxian, like “Anomos: Identity Crisis” and “Under Shifting Sands”. They also played two new songs. One was called “Demon Fed” and the name of the other escapes me. Anyways, they both crushed (as if you had any doubts) and we can’t fucking wait to get our hands on a 2nd Seplophile full length. One day, Buffalo. One day…

I can’t begin to express how much fun we had last night. It was a metal family reunion of sorts and it wouldn’t have been the same without the people who came out to support all the bands. Many familiar faces from former Buffalo staples like, Sons of Azrael, From This Day and Fireborn helped make it a night to remember. And nothing will ever beat, Pat Pagan wheeling Tony Lorenzo around to start a mosh pit!


So, that’s it guys. Stay tuned for new shows and songs from all these bands and keep an eye out for our review of that Varices disc!



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