Interview: Josh Klein from Pollock

Interview by, Mike Deitzman 
Today, The Metal got a special treat… We got to sit and chat with Josh Klein, lead vocalist and guitarist of Pollock. We discussed the new album(s) live shows, penises and even mentioned “Soilwork” (Dear, Brian Platter: The Chainheart Machine is better than A Predator’s Portrait) Well, enough rambling from us….
The Metal:. So, according to recent Facebook posts by the band, Pollock has been recording a lot lately, what can fans of the band look forward to from this next release? Any projected release dates we can look forward to?


Josh: We’re putting serious work into about thirty songs right now, with about ten more started. As we track we’ve been choosing for what will ultimately be a two, nine-eleven song albums. There’s a theme running through all of the tracks, so this actually going to be a double disc being released in two parts, one this year and one next year; I’d like to make sure people have time with the first 9 tunes before we put out the 2nd disc. The working title of the two part album is “Hallowed“, with each disc additionally and distinctly titled as well. Considering the aforementioned, and that we have five music videos planned for the first disc alone, this is a labor of love to say the least.

A small portion of music has been released over the last 12 months in the form of demos, so some of the material we choose might be recognizable. As far as the material goes, I think people can expect something “Pollock-esque”, but with that said, it’s significantly more extreme and polarized. The heavy is much heavier, the pretty is prettier, the world instruments is ratcheted up, and lastly, the dark is definitely darker. Things have to grow and evolve, that includes the members of the band as well as our music, this upcoming album is going to be intense. This October, Disc one of “Hallowed” is coming out; We’re planning something pretty wild for the release show, the physical concert will be something no one has seen or experienced before, but that’s all I’m at liberty to say right now. We may play a show over the summer, but it’s possible fans may have to way until the release in October. The future live shows will of course not skimp on the wild and crazy, but we’ll see what else they bring this time around…

The Metal: You’ve been burrowed away at “Pollock Headquarters” for quite some time now, working all hours of the day and night on these new tracks, but, recently you played live for the first time in many, many months, at a benefit show for a fellow local musician Mike Miller. In typical Pollock fashion, even that was highly unique as one member could not be there, so someone quite familiar to the Pollock family stepped in to help, for those of us who were unable to make the show, who stepped in, why did you choose that person, and more importantly how much fun was it to escape the recording studio and perform live?

Josh: We needed that live show, if not for any other reason, just to get out of the damn studio for a minute and stretch our legs! The benefit show was a worthy cause though, even if we didn’t want to play a live Gig, there’s no way we were going to decline it. Lindsay couldn’t make the show so we asked our former guitarist, the one and only Brian “A Predator’s Portrait is the best Soilwork album” Platter to fill in for the show. He was already familiar with the material and he’s a hell of a musician so he was easily the best option for us. It was great being on stage with him again, he always has great energy and puts on a hell of a show. Brian actually pulled double duty that night, his band The Last Reign played a little bit earlier in the night, they were fucking awesome. The Last Reign also have an album coming out in the fall so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open.

The Metal: There’s been much talk, and discussion over the band these last several months, not all of it stellar, I’m not interested in any of that in regards to this article. Instead my question is: Since the previous record “The Moonlight Show’s release a few years ago, Pollock has gone through a few major line up changes. This is a normal occurrence in any band, but since then, it seems as if you’ve hit a nice stride with the latest additions to Team Pollock with Colin Marmion on drums and Andrew Abdale on guitar. What has Colin and Andrew brought to the table and what made them the right fit for Pollock?

Josh: The searching and vetting process is never easy, and we took our time acquiring Andrew and Colin, that’s for damn sure. In Pollock we’ve had a unique order of vetting musicians..we do it by zodiacal birth sign, musical ability , Penis Size, age and experience, and dedication. With that said, Andrew has become invaluable to me as far as the writing goes, he’s a good guitarist and has brought a lot of great ideas to the table. He has a similar mindset to myself when it comes to songwriting, so there’s been a great collaboration between us. We Bro-mance quite a bit. Colin is young, talented, willing, and brings a certain je ne sais quoi to things, I honestly don’t think the Band dynamic would work without him, he is the extreme silliness to my extreme seriousness. Colin and Andrew keep the band young at heart. And lastly of course, like Lindsay and Myself, they’re hung like horses.

The Metal: Pollock live shows became known for a lot of things over the years, great musicianship, intelligent lyrics, and of course, the ability to get the crowd to take their shirts off… Will that trend continue when you begin to take on more live shows? Also, when will you guys play again?

Josh: (see answers to question 1)

The Metal: Thanks for sitting through these questions. One final question: Do you have anything to say to the Pollock fans out there? And can you also list the places new fans can find you online?

Josh: Current Fans can find us on all of our usual sites, but before the fall they can expect a lot of updates to our pages, photos, videos, layouts, and we’ll up in some new web locations as well. As we go along, we’ll keep everyone updated in regards to all of that via facebook and twitter. New Fans can find us at:




YouTube Channel




Our website

Thank you for sitting down with us, Josh. Everyone keep on the lookout for the new records this year. Though October is too far away, anyone up to start a petition for Pollock to play live this summer?

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