The Sisson Inquisition: Atmosphere


Something that a lot of bands take for granted. Something that I sorely crave when listening to music. I mean shit, I love all sorts of music. Everything from Tom Waits through to Cattle Decapitation, Beethoven through to Deathspell Omega. The one constant I find in my preferred taste, is an attention to atmosphere and emotion displayed in the music. Whether that is clear, straight up aggression, or sweeping melodies that transport me to another dimension, that’s what I gravitate towards. I’ve gotta feel it.

I realize I’m starting to ramble here so lets get down to business.
Shallow Grave.
Dark, Moody, and just the right amount of heavy. This group of riff worshipers have crafted themselves into an absolutely otherworldly affair, draining the will to live out of anyone in the way of their aural assault. Solemn, ethereal droney doom. Sonic Mastery. I cannot recommend these guys enough. Their live shows are an incredible barrage of noise, it is a sight to behold, I tell you what!.Musically, at times I am reminded of Sunn 0))), at others of Deathspell Omega, yet its extremely hard to pinpoint a band they ‘sound like’. They have crafted their own wee niche in the world, which is a rare thing these days. On their debut self titled release, its an absolute roller-coaster of riffs. My personal favorite track would have to be ‘Nameless Chants’.Such a tastefully composed song. Check it out below!

It has just been announced that they will be opening for WEEDEATER and CONAN, when they play in Auckland in July. Should be a fun night that one! if you’re in the area, get into it. If not, you should be.





These guys have been one of my personal favorite bands since I was about 15. Absolutely insane drum work, paired with un-paralleled guitar lines creates a wholly surreal experience. Its like listening to the world falling to pieces in the most beautiful way. I remember being 15 and being shown these guys work. A small ep by the name of Filthlicker (which is a hint to the name Akaname, the translation of which means ‘the demon that licks the filth from your bathroom floor’). Face-melting from the get go. An absolutely punishing tech death assault that I was completely ill prepared for. Instant fan. The vocalist had these gut-wrenching lows that completely compliment the riffs and smeared a shit-eating grin all over my young face as soon as it started.
Fast forward 3 years, my long time friend shows up at my door saying he has the new Akaname CD for me to listen to. As we spin it, I notice a while in that there are no vocals. After reeling from confusion, I realized it had been 2 songs before I clicked. Instrumental. Punishing, moody, yet inspiring instrumental wizardry. I didn’t even miss the vocalist, it was that well crafted and balanced that there was no need. That isn’t to say that the work with the vocalist didn’t fit, or wasn’t good. It was a whole new experience. It completely tore apart my preconceptions about lineup changes, especially ones as drastic as dropping vocals entirely. Their full length- Immanetize The Eschaton- is an absolute fucking ripper filled with wall to wall stellar tracks. Standouts for me though would have to be ‘Correspondence’, with its lively drum fill for an intro, and ‘Polarity’, which feels, to me, like a throwback to old-school Akaname riffing with the new attention to detail and structure which leads to the great, all-encompassing atmosphere. Check out the links below to listen to or purchase an album!

Bandcamp-  – for pay what you want digital copies of all three releases!


Scary, Unholy Tech Death. Listening to these guys is one of those experiences that have you  craving, nay, thirsting for more. Extremely talented dudes that know how to write the fuck outa some tech death. I don’t even know where to BEGIN with describing this band. Absolutely insane precision and attention to detail12935202_1196491577042312_1681923534_n.jpg

These guys have opened for quite a few big bands already, such as Ulcerate, Psycroptic, Aborted, Black Dahlia Murder and Dawn of Azazel. I get to FINALLY see them in July.. I am beyond excited. I hear their live show is top notch, can’t wait to experience to myself

Their promo is up on Bandcamp now, I highly suggest you check it out. Even more exciting for these guys, they have just announced they are signed to Blood Music, with their debut album ‘Darkness Transcends’ due out later this year. This band is one to keep an eye on!

For fans of- Fallujah, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega etc.





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