Album Review: Varices, Self-Titled EP 2016


Introduction by, Vick Sacha

Photos by, Cody Bollinger

Now that I have one album review under my belt (that didn’t give anyone a heart attack), I think I can confidently do this one without second guessing how people are going to react to it.

Last weekend, Varices absolutely fucking tore up Stamps for the return of the omnipotent Seplophile.  The show was the debut of a couple things, including Varices finally having music on disc. Which, if I didn’t know better, I’d have never guessed that they recorded, mixed and mastered it by themselves.

This is the point in the article where I tell you all the stuff I know about Varices and Mike Woods’ and Eric Gailie’s former project, Grady’s Ax, however my usual source for stuff like this, The Metal Archives doesn’t contain either of these guys. Which brings me to this: I love Varices and how much potential they have, and how fucking heavy they are, and how fucking sick they are live, and I already can’t wait for a second release. But I often find myself forgetting about them until one of their shows pop up; I think they’re just too quiet in the scene and I think they’re frequently overlooked because of it. I hope that changes soon, because they’re far too good and deserve a ton more support than they’re currently getting.

Music analysis by, Mike Marlinski

With a brilliant new wave of death metal sweeping through Buffalo in 2015-2016, Varices fits right in with this debut release. One thing I’ll say right off the bat, is that in my opinion, these guys sound A LOT better live, but “home studio” feeling aside, their demo/EP (whatever they’re considering it) is a testament to the roots of the genre and deserves your immediate attention. There are 6 songs to digest with this release and instead of dissecting each one individually like I normally do, I want to just take the whole EP and call it what it is: Death and grindcore perfectly intertwined with doom that comes and goes. If you want the slower, more punishing doom vibe, check out “Earth Mover”. If you want more grind, check out “Regurgitate the Grave” and if you need some classic death in your life, “Meathook Cacophony” is your baby. However, if you want to just say fuck sub genres and listen to a good band that covers all of this, just listen to Varices.

Here are a few examples, courtesy of Varices and YouTube:

And before we leave you, I just want to add to something Vick said earlier about this band being a little too quiet at times. Sadly, social media is dominating everything now when it comes to promotion. I guess personally, I’d like to see more of an online presence from Varices. Then again, when all else fails, you can always count on Mike Deitzman, Vick Sacha, Jacob Sisson and myself to spread the good word!

Back to the EP, I love all 6 songs, but my favorite track is by far, “Life’s Derelict”. I’m a sucker for European melodic death, as many of you know, and this song has a few awesome riffs in the mix that make me think slower, epic At the Gates or older Tristania.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a few big announcements in the coming days/weeks!


One thought on “Album Review: Varices, Self-Titled EP 2016

  1. Thanks for the cool review!! Much appreciated!! I like to say you’re doing a great job with keeping our scene alive!! Thank you. We’ll be around. Jeff-varices


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