Written by, Mike Deitzman

Hey guys,  it’s ya boy Mike D, aka The Masked Promoter, aka Mike Fn Deitz, aka “My Aunt’s Favorite Nephew”, aka “The World’s Slightliest Attractive Man” AKA “Like The Masked Promoter page on Facebook”.

Anyway, this is a rare post from me, as I will not mention the Benefit for Dale Hinz, happening Saturday September 24th of this year (2016) anymore after this.

Alright, over this weekend, I’ve heard that, yet again, bands are playing shows on the same nights as other bands! Oh, the horror! The disrespect! Oh, who gives a shit? Maybe, if we all (promoter and bands) start pushing our events to more people outside the same 60 people that always go to local shows, we can all start EXPANDING OUR REACH in this city.

Before we go any further, (no I’m not saying only 60 people go to local shows) I’m saying I feel like we as a whole scene, promoters, bands in every genre, have gotten lazy using the “event invite ” button and posting statuses, making that our only way of communicating how important each event is or could be.  That’s not inherently terrible, BUT, it’s not all that great either. All your statuses and event pages do is push out your upcoming shows to your friends. That’s fine, but that should be ONE step in promoting said event. Here’s a list of other places you can promote your event:

1. There are free events ALL the time. Head on down to something like Canalside with a pocket full flyers. Look out for dudes in metal shirts. (Yes, even shitty bands, like 5 Finger Butt Plug) Strike up a conversation with Bro-Dude in the sweet Bullet For My Valentine shirt. If ya got music available on CD, maybe burn 25 CDs with a song or 2 on it, hand them out with a flyer for the next show. Imagine, 3 or 4 weeks later, you’re at the show and you look up and see Bro-Dude smiling at you. You made a new friend, and his first order of business was to see you play live.

2. What about these big national shows? Where the fuck are these thousands of metalheads? We don’t see them at our shows, but we see them at the big ones. We always complain they don’t support us and our scene. We don’t even know if anyone’s ever invited them to a local show. Take some goddamn initiative. I went to see Ghost a few months ago, (same night as Killswitch) and I was actually offended not to get one single flyer while waiting in line. Take the initiative. This isn’t rocket science, you’re promoting your brand and it’s worth the extra effort. Just bring the flyer and CD with you when you go see a show. Maybe don’t flyer inside the venue without permission, but at big shows, we’ve all been stuck in those long ass lines waiting to get in. Bring your shit and give it all away prior to the show. Now, again, if one person checks that CD out, digs it and comes to your show, that’s a new fan. They might even buy your shirt and drag their buddy and their girlfriend out with them.

Who gives a shit if this method maybe only brings out 1-2 new people? This is a fucking building process… Rome wasn’t moshed in a day!

These are only 2 options. Do you, reader, have the balls or clit to think of another option?
Fuck you if you try to troll this blog, too. There are open mics all over this city for you people. Have some ideas of your own to help expand our scene? Post them on our Facebook or in the comments below.

Also, I lied. Go see the Dale Hinz Benefit this September!

In addition to that show, go check out as many of the shows listed below as possible and spread the word! Special thanks go to Eareckson Murray for compiling this extensive list:

Saturday June 4 – Maharaja, Bastard Lord, The Highest Leviathan, Bootlap – The Lair


Saturday June 11th – Powerfolk Bellydance fest v.2 – Clarence Center, NY

Friday June 24th – Darkapathy, Sewercide, Zephaniah, Urdarbrunnr – The Lair

Saturday June 25 – Sinnfest Day 1 – Featuring MIDNIGHT, Rotten UK & more – Polish Library
Sunday June 26 – Sinnfest Day 2 – Featuring Shitfucker, Rebel Scum, Rabid, One Way Terror & more – Bird Haus

Saturday July 2nd – Armageddon EP release show w/Cain, I’m from the Government and I’m here to Help

Saturday July 2nd – The Long Cold Dark, Diceros, The Last Reign, Days Beneath, The Crypt – Mohawk Place

Thursday July 7th – MICHIGAN METAL INVASION – Sauron Nuke Rotten Rebel Scum – Mohawk Place

Thursday July 7th – Solstice, Hellcannon, more TBA – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

Tuesday July 12th – Hubris, Peucharist, Human Dissention – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

Thursday July 14th – Uncle Ray, Barbarian, Hades Mining Co, Stoked to Die – The Lair

Friday July 15 – Matter of Planets, Divinex, Ish Kabibble – The Lair


Monday July 18th – Agathocles, Avulsion, Special Buddy Discount, Healer – Sugar City

Tuesday July 19th – Baphomet’s Blood, Violentor, Rotten UK, Bastard Lord – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

Saturday July 23rd – Castle Freak, Sacrificial Blood, Evil Death II, Retribution – The Lair

Thursday July 28th – Fister, Sea of Bones, Sun Black Smoke (Farewell show), Dirt War, Saints and Winos, Blackhand – The Lair

Friday July 29th – Enthauptung, Ancalagon, Mavradoxa, Setraline – The Lair

Tuesday August 9th – Eikthynir, Goblin Hovel, Orcsmear – Mohawk Place

Saturday August 13th – I’m from the Government and I’m here to help, Full Strike Frenzy, Murder City Outlaws – The Lair

The Last Reign’s CD release show
September 3rd, Mohawk Place
Feat. Sertraline, Weaponex, Age of Shadows, Orius and The Last Reign

Thursday September 8th – Hobbs Angel of Death, Hellcannon, Nethergrave – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

The Dale Hinz Benefit Show at Moose Lodge 992 in Hamburg, NY
September 24th feat. Wulfsblood, Prepare for the Mindscan, Varices, Skinbound, GAWD, The Long Cold Dark, plus more tba

Friday October 21st – The Metal’s Halloween Bash – Stamps

Friday December 16 – The Metal’s Christmas Fundraiser –


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