5 Vocalists Who Should’ve Been in Metal Bands

A couple weeks ago, we started chatting about a few singers in pop culture who we think would sound absolutely badass if they were backed by metal bands. Granted, since we’re talking about clean singing, the ideal sub genres are pretty much limited to heavy metal, power metal, symphonic metal, or any combination involving those three. So let’s do the list of 5 we came up with:

1. Michael Buble


“I just haven’t met you yet…”

Say what you will about the singers listed here, but there’s no denying their pipes. Michael Buble is no exception. When I think of his voice, I immediately think of Stratovarius or Borknagar for some reason. I think it’s the way he’s able to carry his voice with massive sustain on his notes that makes me think he’d be ideal for those big symphonic metal moments.


2. Pat Benatar


“Hit me with your best shot!”

For this lovely lady, I’d have to go with a female fronted version of Iced Earth, or even Sabaton. She’s already got a stunning voice, but there’s something about those aggressive inflections and accents she throws in her songs that make me think classic heavy metal with a slight symphonic edge.


3. Justin Timberlake


“Take back the night…”

Worshiped by many since the N’Sync days, you can’t help but wonder if all those swooning for him now would feel the same way if he switched teams. JT has quite the arsenal already under his belt, crossing genre lines in his own realm here and there, which is exactly why I can’t help but want to hear him on the two last Kamelot records. Kamelot is another hard act to classify, dipping in and out of symphonic metal, power metal and heavy metal as they go. I’m not saying JT is a match for the immortal Roy Khan, but I’d certainly put him up against Tommy Karevik.


4. Celine Dion


“My heart will go on…”

I guess I feel Celine Dion is an obvious candidate. She’s got the pipes and the look to go with it, to front any big time symphonic metal act. I’d put her in place of Floor Jansen of Nightwish or Simone Simons of Epica in a heartbeat. Not to mention, if that happened, those two awesome European bands could finally start selling out arenas here in the states.

Epica Interview 2014

5. Meatloaf


“I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that…”

I’ve posted something about this before but, I loathe Marc Hudson’s voice. For those not in the know, that’s the new vocalist of DragonForce. Granted, I’m also not a fan of DragonForce’s song lengths, or rather, guitar solo lengths, but I for one would love to hear Meatloaf take over that type of band. I suppose any heavy metal band would sound good with Marvin Lee Aday at the helm, but what do I know?


Well, that’s it! Anyone you think we should’ve mentioned who’d sound great in metal? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below! Thanks for checking this out!


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