All Hail the Murray Family!

Photos by Norman and Thuy Murray

If you’ve ever said a bad word about Eareckson Murray, you probably have a severe mental defect you aren’t aware of that you should definitely get checked out by a professional. The same can be said about his wonderful parents, Norman and Thuy Murray, who for the second year in a row have put together an amazing outdoor fest at their home for the WNY metal scene. Yesterday, we took a trip out to the Murray estate in Clarence, NY for “Powerfolk Bellydance Fest 2“. Sadly, we had to miss last year’s and it was great to finally make up for that and see the magic in action. Normally I’d put “Show Review” in the title for an article like this, but this piece is so much more than that. This is also a tribute and preview of things to come.

Our good friends in Orius kicked things off right and got everyone pumped for an afternoon and night of metal, bellydancing, games, camping, alcoholism and feasting! Not to mention, the metal gods were certainly smiling down on us when it came to the weather. Reports of thunderstorms for all day yesterday were coming in all week, but thankfully, there was barely a cloud in the sky the entire event.

The bands alternated with various bellydancing acts, such as Black Magick Women, Fire & Ice, Strix and others, who treated us to various styles and theatrics to songs like AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” and even Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”.

The next band to take the stage was Rochester’s own Viking metal warriors, Tyranitar. I hadn’t seen them since March 2015, so it was great hearing their new material and also checking out their traditional Viking apparel, routine Amon Amarth cover and of course, frontman Pat Boswell’s custom ax guitar.

Eareckson’s new powerfolk metal project, Arcaenium took the stage some time after and surprised everyone with their tight, energetic set and fantastical battle themed segways. It was nice seeing Eareckson behind the drum kit again, something I hadn’t witnessed since one of the last Throne of Wilderness shows. They’ll be opening our First Annual Holiday Show on December 16, so show up early and be merry!

Wandering Oak from Massachusetts was up next. This is a great textbook folk metal act along the same lines as Korpiklaani or Ensiferum. I had the pleasure of seeing them two nights in a row actually. They were also at Monty’s Krown on Friday night for Nazgul‘s annual event, Wraithfest.


Now, normally this is when I would go on about the bands and talk about Elfspell (folk/doom from Rochester) and Forever Autumn (acoustic doom), but we took a zero on both of those, because we left right after Wandering Oak. That being said, I suppose this would be a good time to conclude the review portion of this article.

Now for the tribute: Norman and Thuy Murray are amazing parents and amazing people. They invited the metalheads of WNY to their beautiful home, fed us, gave us a free show with free camping and it’s not like this is even the first time. Luckily, before we went home for the night, we also got to take part in a late celebration of Eareckson’s 30th birthday. I was so moved by their great gesture, I can’t even account for last night’s event properly. My words will never do these people justice. Furthermore, they produced a son whose generosity and kindness also know no bounds. We’ve been praising Eareckson since we started the blog and we don’t expect to let up anytime soon. So many shows have happened because of him, whether he was booking the show at The Lair or another venue or just supplying a backline. Not to mention, I can’t count the number of out of town bands he’s helped with last minute gigs on weekdays. You also can’t deny his dedication to keeping the scene informed about upcoming shows, in his never-ending quest to keep the number of competing shows we have around here to a minimum. All in all, the entire Murray family is truly an inspiring, driving force for our music scene and we can’t thank them enough.

Now finally, the preview of things to come: It’s pretty simple really. Thanks to Eareckson being a Renaissance man of sorts when it comes to his musical talents, bands like Cain, Arcaenium and Goblin Hovel are able to perpetuate and produce more yummy tunes for us to repeatedly sink our teeth into. We’ll be reviewing the new Goblin Hovel release (we’re told) in the weeks to come, so prepare for more words about upcoming folk metal in WNY. In addition, keep checking our sites and other groups on Facebook, like the Buffalo Metal Show Calendar for Eareckson’s ever-updating list of events impending for our area. And if you’re in a band and you don’t see your show, pass your info along. Together, we can keep the masses informed of all our bands’ gigs and keep attendances where they should be!

Well, that about does it for us tonight. Thanks for reading as always and keep checking back for more! Hails!

Current list of upcoming shows in our area, initiated by Eareckson:


Friday June 24th – Darkapathy, Sewercide, Zephaniah, Urdarbrunnr – The Lair

Saturday June 25 – Sinnfest Day 1 – Featuring MIDNIGHT, Rotten UK & more – Polish Library
Sunday June 26 – Sinnfest Day 2 – Featuring Shitfucker, Rebel Scum, Rabid, One Way Terror & more – Bird Haus

Saturday July 2nd – Armageddon EP release show w/Cain, I’m from the Government and I’m here to Help

Saturday July 2nd – The Long Cold Dark, Diceros, The Last Reign, Days Beneath, The Crypt – Mohawk Place

Thursday July 7th – MICHIGAN METAL INVASION – Sauron Nuke Rotten Rebel Scum – Mohawk Place

Thursday July 7th – Solstice, Hellcannon, more TBA – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

Tuesday July 12th – Hubris, Peucharist, Human Dissention – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

Thursday July 14th – Uncle Ray, Barbarian, Hades Mining Co, Stoked to Die – The Lair

Friday July 15 – Matter of Planets, Divinex, Ish Kabibble – The Lair


Monday July 18th – Agathocles, Avulsion, Special Buddy Discount, Healer – Sugar City

Tuesday July 19th – Baphomet’s Blood, Violentor, Rotten UK, Bastard Lord – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

Saturday July 23rd – Castle Freak, Sacrificial Blood, Evil Death II, Retribution – The Lair

Thursday July 28th – Fister, Sea of Bones, Sun Black Smoke (Farewell show), Dirt War, Saints and Winos, Blackhand – The Lair

Friday July 29th – Enthauptung, Ancalagon, Mavradoxa, Setraline – The Lair

Tuesday August 9th – Eikthynir, Goblin Hovel, Orcsmear – Mohawk Place

Saturday August 13th – I’m from the Government and I’m here to help, Full Strike Frenzy, Murder City Outlaws – The Lair

August 19th- Pollock, Orius, Eyes of the Blind at Rockin’ Buffalo

August 19th
GAWD with Plagues of Endeavor and Bootlap at Stamps

The Last Reign’s CD release show
September 3rd, Mohawk Place
Feat. Sertraline, Weaponex, Age of Shadows, Orius and The Last Reign

Thursday September 8th – Hobbs Angel of Death, Hellcannon, Nethergrave – Rockin Buffalo Saloon

The Dale Hinz Benefit Show at Moose Lodge 992 in Hamburg, NY
September 24th feat. Wulfsblood, Prepare for the Mindscan, Varices, Skinbound, GAWD, The Long Cold Dark, plus more tba

Friday October 21st – The Metal’s Halloween Bash – Stamps

Friday December 16 – The Metal’s Christmas Fundraiser –

4th Annual Concert for Jennifer Rinaldo
March 18th, 2017

March 31, 2017
The Metal’s 2nd Birthday Bash at Mohawk Place
All info tba


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