Album Review: Abyance (Armageddon)- Parallels and Introspection


Armageddon has since changed their name to Abyance.

After a year of speculation and great anticipation, the young thrash attack, Abyance, have returned with their sophomore EP, Parallels and Introspection. Not only is this a worthy followup to Age of Darknessthe new release showcases the band’s ability to constantly outdo themselves creatively. Naturally, the most disappointing thing about Parallels and Introspection is the fact that it’s only comprised of 4 songs, but those 4 songs sure do fucking slay.

As it was with their first release, you can hear a variety of influences perfectly blended together from start to finish. Riffing reminiscent of As I Lay Dying’s Frail Words Collapse meets that of Darkest Hour’s The Eternal Return, along with some classic heavy metal vibes from Judas Priest’s catalog. The vocals also make me think classic ’80s thrash like Death Angel or Testament mixed with some crust/thrash punk bands like Municipal Waste or Crucial Unit. All in all, this is quite the spread and quite a lot of ground to cover in 4 tunes, but as is expected, the Abyance boys pull it off nicely.

Parallels and Introspection kicks off with a ripper called “The Descent”. The opening riff in this tune is where I get my mid 2000s As I Lay Dying comparison from. But other than those familiar notes, you get frontman/lead guitarist Anthony Potenza’s aggressive yells over his younger brother Timothy’s impressively fast thrash drumming, giving it that original Abyance feel we’ve all come to appreciate around here. An impressive title track follows, continuing the onslaught of all the masterfully intertwined aforementioned influences. However, they break new ground with some “harsh clean vocals” if you will, putting some nice melodies behind the yelling to cue in some killer choruses and other moments of triumph.

“Exiled” and “Terra” are the subsequent tracks (in that order), keeping things heavy and melodic for the duration of the EP, showcasing a much more mature sounding array of song structures than on Age of Darkness. It seems like Abyance’s formula is more about writing parts to benefit the song as a whole now, as opposed to previous efforts. Fast sounding riffs have fast drums and riffs that sound like they’re meant to be at a slower tempo have the appropriate drums and vocal tones to match. “Terra” in particular has an incredibly infectious melodic intro lead riff that perfectly sets the mood for what has become my favorite song on the EP. That being said, it was nice to learn that Abyance’s forthcoming new video will be for that very song and should be debuted by a reputable metal outlet very soon. Also, as if we weren’t already impressed, it’s worth mentioning that Parallels and Introspection was recorded and mixed by Nick Bellmore (drummer of Toxic Holocaust) and was mastered by “Zeuss” (Rob Zombie, Queensryche, Hatebreed).

It’s been no secret that Abyance has a bright future ahead of them in metal. With songs like these coming out so early in their career/lives, there’s no telling what the future will bring.

Abyance is:

 Anthony Potenza- Vocals/Guitar

Tim Potenza- Drums

Derek Schultz-Bass

Mike Wojtaszczyk-Guitar

Parallels and Introspection will be released on Saturday July 2 at a free outdoor event at the Potenza home. The details can be seen on the flyer below. Be there!



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