Who You’re Not Listening To: Spire

Photo credit: www.bluelionphoto.com


Last night, we caught Intronaut‘s summer tour with Entheos and Moon Tooth at Montage Music Hall in Rochester. The touring bands killed it as usual, but this isn’t a show review. This is another one of my “Hey, don’t be a square and fucking listen to these guys you probably haven’t heard of!” kind of thing.

The opening band, Spire, completely blew my mind. Evidently, they’ve been active in Syracuse since 2002 and I’ve just been living under a rock, so thanks for keeping me in the dark about them, “friends” in the scene!

Now, I know it’s become pretty commonplace in these genre clashing times to say things like “these guys do it all”, but I don’t want to sell the band short- they literally “do it all” when it comes to metal. I suppose I walked away from their set with the idea that they can easily be classified as a prog band. They have lengthy, multilayered tunes that combine a diverse array of influences, odd time signatures, technical riffing, leads and drumming, cool synth stuff and both harsh and clean vocals. However, they’re not so infused with the intricate aspects of metal that they’re above simply rocking out to a good old fashioned thrash/melodic death section. They have plenty of those straight forward moments as well.

Vocally, Spire seems to cater to deep/lateral thinkers who yearn for their next existential crisis- not that I have anything against philosophical discussion. On the contrary, I just find it refreshing when a diverse, technical band’s lyrics have just as much substance as their music. After their last song, I found myself comparing them to Into Eternity, Between the Buried and Me, Insomnium, and even Buffalo prog metallers, Weaponex. Then, while looking through their influences on Facebook, I was glad I at least got the Into Eternity part right.

If you’ve never heard of this band and you’re into any of the artists named here, CHECK THEM OUT. Then again, Rick Horton from The Metallic Onslaught (radio show) gives them two thumbs up, so I guess you don’t need my recommendation. They just released their 4th full length album entitled, Structures of the Universe. My hypocritical ass doesn’t have it yet, but I will be owning it soon and I want all of you to own it as well! Now, let’s check out the visuals on that hot HOT discography:

Structures of the Universe- new full length, released in February 2016

Discovery- full length, released in 2011

Passive Progressive- single, released in 2014

As I said before, they’ve been around since 2002, so that’s hardly their full discography- only what I could easily find to share at the time. I’m also going to embed a few tracks into this article for your listening pleasure. However, I do suggest you head to Spire’s Bandcamp and purchase everything you see!

Spire is:

Jesse Peacemaker: Vocals/Keyboard;
Patrick Young: Guitar/Vocals;
Lawrence Chiappone: Bass;
Michael York: Drums;
Zachary Towne: Guitar

We hope you enjoyed this edition of “Who You’re Not Listening To”. We’ve got a few more of these coming up, featuring Sustruga (death metal from Rochester) and Narwhal Bloodbath (djent/death from Smethport, PA). Stay tuned!


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