A Storm is Coming: Part IV

We haven’t written one of these in awhile, but that doesn’t mean our ears have fallen deaf to the new sounds emanating from the bowels of our scene. First up, Narwhal Bloodbath. The name alone should invoke thoughts of the bloody entrails of sea creatures littering the icy waters of the Arctic Sea, but what the hell do I know? And if you did have such a vision, rest assured that their music compliments their name well. Once upon a time, Meshuggah and Sikth put their stamp on the djent genre and since then, there’s been no letup in sight for bands pumping out chopped up, drop tuned riffs, destined to make the kids mosh from now until the cows come home. Subsequently, Periphery took the idea, dropped in some catchy clean vocals and clean guitars, paving the way for their eventual rise to being kings of the “radio rock infused with djent” movement.


You can see where I’m going with this…Actually, you can’t, unless you’ve heard Narwhal Bloodbath live at some point over the last few weeks (Their first show was on July 15). From out of the woodwork, NB is out for blood (pun intended), punishing audiences with vocals reminiscent of Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder, an awesome mixture of sludge and djent riddled heaviness and some tight, crisp metalcore riffing that’s just shades of the originators, Earth Crisis, mixed with As I Lay Dying or Unearth. They’ve been jamming for about 2  years now, but the first show just happened on July 15 at The Plant in Olean, NY, though the band is primarily based in Smethport, Pennsylvania. The details surrounding their next few shows have yet to be announced, but stay on the lookout for these crazy fucks. Hit up their Facebook, give a like and don’t be strangers to their djenty cause!


Narwhal Bloodbath are:

Jesse Isadore-Vocals
Devin Dewyer (Dredneks)-Guitar
Jon Mongillo-Guitar
Mark Wolford-Drums
Chris Ross-Bass

Secondly, I want to talk about Sertraline, a post-black metal project rising from the ashes of Where She Wept, with a variety of influences. They’ll be making their debut at The Lair this Friday, July 29. I’d also highly recommend attending that show because it seems as though Enthauptung will be gracing us with their presence, with Dan Drexel returning to Buffalo for the occasion. Your opportunities to see Enthauptung will be few and far between due to life circumstances, so take advantage of them as they come! Now, back to Sertraline. Those in the dark about their sound can expect to hear shades of Alcest, Lantlos or Woods of Desolation. Then, there’s their post rock sound calling to fans of Caspian, Mono or If These Trees Could Talk. I’m also told there’s some Katatonia in there too, but given who’s involved in the project, it’s to be expected.


Sertraline are:

Tom Muehlbauer- Vocals

Dave Lopian- Guitar

Shelly Muehlbauer- Guitar

Jay Zgoda (Darkapathy)- Guitar

Jason Roman (Enthauptung, Arcaenium, Ferus Din)- Bass

Ken Cult- Drums


Once again, your next opportunities to see Sertraline will be this Friday, July 29 at The Lair with Enthauptung and other killer black metal acts, and Saturday September 3 at Mohawk Place for The Last Reign’s CD release show! Hope to see you at both!

I think that’s it for now. It’s always a shame when the bands you’re trying to draw attention to don’t have any music to put up yet, so I can only hope my words have conveyed the sounds of these two acts properly.

Until next time, if you’re interested in reading about other up and comers from the area, check out the first three installments of “A Storm is Coming”, by clicking the links below. Take care for now!

A Storm is Coming I

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