Musings from the Door Guy (Pt. 2)

*Written by Mike Deitzman (The Masked Promoter)

Wow. Saturday night at Mohawk Place, the Buffalo metal scene witnessed a (dare I say) beautiful thing.  4 amazing (and fairly new) bands came together to support fellow fairly new band The Last Reign in the release of their first album Expulsion From Paradise. As the door guy handling the money, I’m well aware of exactly how many people came out to support this event. Exact numbers aren’t important, but Jesus there were a lot of metalheads in Mohawk that night. Allow me the privilege of thanking every one of you that paid to get in… Thank you. I’d honestly say a good 95% of you showed up early and checked out every band too. That’s insane to me as that never happens. I am truly in awe of you guys.

Ok, the cute part out of the way, let me tell you about these dope ass bands that played.

Arcaenium opened up the show. They ooze with folk metal sassiness… If that is your thing, you most likely already know about this new band (new ish, this band features some of those Throne of Wilderness cats) They literally are the soundtrack to getting your drink on. Plus the singer had leather pants, leather vest and aviator sunglasses on, so my man crush was almost instant.

Photo credit: Julie Anna Glover

Sertraline played 2nd, and this was their 2nd show with this line up and band name, but most of those dudes and dudette used to be known as Where She Wept. A band I have loved for close to 13 years now. So, while this band is definitely in a different direction than WSW was, if you knew the players involved you had an idea of what it was gonna sound like. This really is depressing post black metal. I knew what to expect, and they still blew me away. Plus Jay Zgoda is my bae.

Photo credit: Julie Anna Glover

Weaponex. I have praised this band multiple times in reviews. I have told you all more than once that this band brings it every single time. Guess what? They did it again!  Promoters, show bookers: book this band whenever possible. You get a super solid band that will wow your audience, and I can finally enjoy them stage side with a beer in my hand like it’s meant to be, instead of always working the door when they play. They are not human. No human can be that good every time.

Photo credit: Julie Anna Glover

Orius. Local metal band with giant penises, Orius, took the co headlining spot with an even more aggressive approach than usual while winding down their 3 month 26 date Buffalo tour. Like for real, my mom went to Tops last week and Orius was playing in the frozen food section. These guys are good, too good… They must be destroyed. I’m kidding, the band is amazing and having played as much as they did this summer, you already know of their awesomeness.

Photo credit: Julie Anna Glover

The Last Reign. What the fuck guys?!?! You guys just exploded onto that stage. You’ve had the performance since day one, but you found a presence on that stage on Saturday night. You literally killed from the intro to the last song. Guys: they even did an encore after performing all their songs already. Yes, Renovatio had already been performed once already, but the crowd was not to be ignored. They wanted “one more song” and goddamnit they were not taking no for an answer.

Photo credit: Cody Bollinger

If you didn’t go, you missed more than a show… You missed an event, something beautiful happened. 5 newer bands put on career making performances in front of a hungry crowd…

So, I humbly request you check out every band that played. They rule and are more than deserving of your time.

A warm shout out to Mohawk Place and their staff too for making us all feel so welcome. Bands, crowd.. me, you treated us all like family. Much love and respect.

Holy shit, I made it all the way to the end without yelling at you for something.

Go me!

The Masked Promoter


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