Polterabend: A Stag Party for Andrew and Allana (September 10, 2016)


If you’re in the know, then you’re safe in assuming that the show happening at Mohawk Place this Saturday will be simply fantastic. In honor of the impending wedding of Andrew McGirr (Hubris, Ferus Din) and Allana Sturm (Ferus Din, ex Throne of Wilderness), an extremely rare lineup will be taking the stage this Saturday night. Fans of black metal, or simply the darker end of the metal spectrum in general shouldn’t dare miss this event.

Atmospheric black metallers, Enthauptung, will be decimating the audience along with grindcore maniacs, Pig Rectum. The two aforementioned bands rarely perform live due to general life circumstances, so many avid listeners of underground Buffalo metal are bound to tell you that missing such performances would be extremely ill advised.


The atmosphere at an Enthauptung show is uncanny and true to their sound, complete with a devastatingly dark and hypnotic live set, illuminated only by candlelight. Whereas Pig Rectum’s show is very close to the exact opposite. PR captivates their audience with a high energy, blisteringly fast bombardment of death and grind, transporting their fans back to packed solid nights at the Funeral Home, where it was a no holds barred free for all in the pit, as well as on stage.

It’s also more than worth mentioning that this will be Ferus Din’s debut performance, feat. the soon-to-be wed couple, Andrew and Allana. Together, they will bring forth their brainchild, a blend of orchestral black metal with woodwinds and an overall sound all their own. Take in the sample below and make your own judgment as to where this project could lead. Their lineup also features Mike Bunny, Jason Roman (Arcaenium, Enthauptung, Sertraline) and CW Dunbar (Hubris). If you’re unfamiliar with these musicians, you can also view Hubris’s latest music video for their song “What is Evil” below. It’s truly a sight to be seen.

Polterabend (Night of Noise) is this Saturday, September 10! Whether you have a personal connection to Andrew and Allana or not, do yourself a favor and take in these bands! It’s also worth mentioning that in addition to the music, this will be a party to be long remembered. So, be on the lookout for some of Allana’s homemade muffins and some yet to be determined games and other activities.

*Blizaro will not be playing due to a scheduling conflict.



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