For Dale: The Aftermath

*Written by Mike Deitzman

*I don’t know who took all these pictures. Find the post and tag yourselves.

The greatest day of my life was marrying my wife. There’s no need to go into more detail, for obvious personal reasons. That’s the greatest day ever for me. The 2nd greatest day of my life happened Saturday, September 24th 2016– and it happened in a small Legion Hall in Hamburg, NY of all places.

You see, in a previous blog discussing the show, I talked about what Dale meant to me. I got to see him for the first time since his accident (aside from video chatting with him and his mom, Sandy) tonight was the first time I had to see him in the flesh. Sure, I talked about being scared of this. I wouldn’t wish what Dale’s been through on anyone. It’s all been really difficult for him and his family. 1 of many reasons it’s been difficult for him (I believe) is that he misses us (his friends). So, tonight, myself and quite a few people worked our hardest for many months to put together an event that would bring Dale and as many of his friends as possible into the same room. Guys, we succeeded!

The Buffalo Metal scene as a whole is a pretty close knit group of people for the most part. Even if we don’t see each other as often, we’re still close. This event was kind of like a high school reunion for us. Our class reunion in this metal scene, the ones who started going to local shows in the late ’90s, early 2000s and started bands around that time- playing venues like Showplace Theater, Classic Roxx, The Cruise Inn, The Funhouse/Sideshow, Palmeris, Broadway Joes, etc. Seeing the end of nu metal/rap metal, the rise of metalcore, and just the general output of heavy music again locally at that time was a great time for us young guys. While some of our older brothers and sisters in the scene can regale us with amazing stories about Day of Death and some of the great hardcore shows of the mid to late ’90s around here (and that’s awesome and all)… I’m really proud of our era too, guys.

We, the millennium era metal kids from Buffalo, we got together yesterday for one of our brothers, Dale. We should have done it 4 years ago when his accident happened, but in a way it was better now. Having him be able to be there to tell us how much he loves us is much better and made the event more joyous; as opposed to an event filled with shell shocked friends and Dale in the hospital unable to be there anyway.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to donate a basket. They were a huge success, albeit a bit of a task to get through the sheer amount of them in the time frame I had to do it.  That’s a good thing. Thank you. Aaron Chiz, who I literally asked to work the show just days before, and helped set up and then helped me run the door and raffles all day. Thank you, Liz Kocsis from Pagano Studios, for Dale’s painting. They seemed to LOVE it.
Thank you, Donnie Dzubella who not only sang for TL one more time, but also bought tons of delicious food, helped me pay for the kegs y’all metal heads drank up, showed up early to set things up, and stayed late to clean up- a great metal singer, but an even better man.


Painting by Liz Kocsis

Thank you so much to GAWD, Prepare For The Mindscan, A Phoenix Rising, The Last Reign, The Long Cold Dark, Skinbound, Wulfsblood, Three Minutes Of Hate and TL Crew for donating their time to play and get rowdy.

Thank you, Ralph Brooks and the other sound guy, Mark, whose last name I’m blanking on, for coming all this way, bringing in that monster sound system and doing it for literally almost nothing- really doing it for Dale.

Thank you, Jesse Thiel, Kristen Norton and John Paul Fitzgerald, for always knowing when to tell me to stop complaining.

Thank you, Mike Marlinski. You hate the attention as much as I do, haha, but you deserve it. You were like the calm voice in my head the last 6 months reminding me any time I needed it, exactly why this show was so important.

Thank you to the venue American Legion Post #527. You guys could not have been more accommodating to us.

Thank you, Sandy and all of Dale’s family. It was a pleasure to do this for you guys.

Thank you, Dale. I promise I won’t stay away this long again, bro. So, on that note….
same time next year, guys? #ForDale2 ?



2 thoughts on “For Dale: The Aftermath

  1. Thank you Mike! I know you may not like the attention but you deserve it. This was a success because of the hard work of all of you guys. It was a pleasure to be there to support Dale. For Dale 2! Let’s make it happen.


  2. Well said, Mike. Truth be told I think of all my old friends quit often. Occasionally on tour I’ll see a band that will remind of the “good old days” and get to wondering. It did my heart and spirit so much good to see all you guys doing so well just with a few more grays lol. Getting to see Dale and finally knowing that despite his hardships and the immense hurtles he’s had to overcome that he is still the Dale we all loved is a testament to all of of us. Kids these days will never know the type of bond we all made back then, week after week at the cruise inn, showplace, extrememe wheels, slinging ESI tickets and avoiding talking to Maddog haha, etc. I’m very proud and happy to call everyone involved my friends. Missed all of you guys more then you know. I think giving this yearly party to Dale is a great idea. I think it would do him a lot of good, and us. And I’d be honored to have Skinbound be apart of it. Anytime, anyplace man. #forDale2


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