Interview: Andrew Abdale (Pollock/Eyes of the Blind)

We took some time to chat with Andrew Abdale recently to get some behind the scenes info on Pollock and Eyes of the Blind (both nominated by us for Best Heavy Metal Band 2016). It seems like a lot is going on in both camps, so let’s dive right in…

Mike Marlinski: Everyone knows you’re Pollock’s ax man, but what prompted you to start Eyes of the Blind and how long has that project been in the works?

Andrew Abdale: Eyes of the Blind started a few years ago so that Ryan and I could write new music together. It never really came into place until a few months ago when Phil and Tom came into the picture and we realized that we had something we could work with.

MM: Who are your major musical influences?

AA: I’m influenced by everything around me. I write music heavily on my emotions, so unfortunately a large amount of my writing comes from unfortunate events in my life. As far as bands go, some of my favorite are Alice in Chains, Tool, Deftones, OSI, Metallica. That’s only a scratch on the surface.

MM: How did you come to join Pollock?

AA: Lindsay bugged me for months about it. Her and Josh invited me over to hang out close to a year before I officially joined. When I was there they had started planting the seeds. I finally made the decision at Mohawk Place when I ran into them and Joey T and they all were telling me how awesome it would be if I came down and tried out. We all know the story from there.

MM: What are some of your favorite foods?

AA: My home made mac n cheese is the shit. Ask any of my band mates and they will agree. Other than that I am a huge fan of tacos (typical stoner answer).

MM: Can you tell us anything about the new Pollock album? Title? Tracklist? Anything?

AA: The new Pollock album is sounding amazing. I’m happy to just be a part of it. The title of the album is about all I can reveal, which is Hallowed. We plan on doing a 2 part album that will all be a part of one large story. So we will be releasing the first half of the album this year.


MM: What about an Eyes of the Blind album? What’s the story there?

AA: The debut Eyes of the Blind album has been in the works for a few months now. We will probably be looking at an early 2017 release. The album has a science fiction focus, basically telling different stories throughout the album. Anyone who is big into sci-fi will be a fan of the message.

MM: How’s the guitarist search for Eyes of the Blind going?

AA: Ryan will be playing 2nd guitar and also doing vocals for the future shows.

MM: What’s your favorite color?

AA: My favorite color is blue because Smurfs are badass.

MM: If you and Josh Klein were trapped in a storm for days, maybe weeks on the side of a mountain, with no food and only a small amount of water, who would resort to cannibalism first?

AA: Sometimes I feel as though Josh would resort to that without the circumstance of survival. I’m sure if we were in that position, he would cuddle with me before he eats me.


MM:  The Pollock camp seems to be very pro dog. Are you more of a dog or cat person?

AA:  I am a dog man, fully. I have had dogs for most of my life. Josh and Lindsay’s dogs are just as much family as anyone in the band. Sometimes they talk more than we do during band meetings. Manny actually wrote most of the album that we plan on releasing.

MM: Loaded question: Clinton or Trump? (Feel free to ignore this one.)

AA: I’m going stay anti politics in this interview.

MM: Have you ever had thoughts of starting up a third band in a completely different musical direction than Eyes of the Blind and Pollock?

AA: There’s about 5 other band ideas I have in mind for my future in all seriousness. I want to play every type of music. First in line, I want to do a more metal band which I would primarily do all the screams and have heavy as shit music behind me. Another would be a reggae band because Bob Marley.

MM: When you go out to eat with your band(s), what are your favorite spots?

AA: The Pollock family is all about pizza, we eat spaghetti pizza often. As gross as it sounds, it’s amazing going down. Eyes of the Blind goes to this authentic Mexican restaurant often. I can’t remember the name of it, but damn they are good.

MM: Starbucks or Tim Horton’s?

AA: Tim Horton’s all day baby. The breakfast sandwiches are like cocaine under a bun.

MM: You just shot a video for Pollock’s song “Carnival“. How do you feel about rubbing food all over your drummer’s stomach? What’s your relationship like with him now? *spoiler alert*.

AA: Colin is a very sexy man, I would do that without cameras watching.

MM: You’re in an elevator with both of your bands. Who farts first?

AA: I’m going to go with Lindsay on this one. Then again, Colin is usually the first to destroy a bathroom. Funny fact, Pollock has had a band discussion about pooping. Lindsay claims it should only take 3 minutes to finish the job, where all the males in the band take 25 minutes plus.

MM: Which songs can we look forward to music videos for from either band?

AA: Eyes of the Blind is plotting our video ideas and which songs would be best. Pollock is planning on doing a few more videos for our upcoming release. We feel that the visual aspect is lost through just listening, so we really enjoy providing the visuals to go with the album.

(Vick wanders in the room at this point.)

Vick Sacha: You guys are infamous for people getting naked at your shows. Was there ever a moment on or off stage when things went “too far”?

AA: I have gotten full blown naked at plenty of parties the band was a part of. I would say all of those took it too far.

MM: Is there anyone you want to give a shoutout to right now? People who have really helped you along the way in life and in music?

AA: My dad, my mom, my brother, all my band members past and present, my girlfriend, Becca, The Last Reign crew, The Long Cold Dark, Super Killer Robots, the Govt boys, my Wegmans family, Nick Landers/Inherent Vice and of course The Metal for having me.

MM: I’ve seen you drinking Molson Canadian on multiple occasions? Is that your favorite or is it just cheap and convenient?

AA:  I love Molson and I actually really like Miller High Life. I don’t buy beer, I rent it.

That wraps things up. If anyone out there in the scene wants to do an interview with us, hit us up. Odds are, we’ve already been talking about it. Be on the lookout for Pollock’s new album and new music from Eyes of the Blind. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Andrew’s Bob Marley cover band. I’m sure it’ll rule!


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