How the Metal Scene Did Halloween 2016

Now that November is here, I just want to talk about the two Halloween shows I attended/put on/performed at this year. First off, after 6 months of waiting and lots of obnoxious pacing back and forth, Heavy Halloween came to Stamps on October 21. It was a killer night, despite a lower turnout than we’d hoped for. Urdarbrunnr, Nethergrave, Gutted Alive and Seplophile came to kill and they did just that. Furthermore, our costume contest winners, in the guises of Rockso (1st place), Beetlejuice (2nd place) and I believe it was Conan, or Vikings, or something of the sort that required Rob Steinwandel to be half naked all night (3rd place), really put in superb effort and came to party. Yet, I can’t just call out those 3. There were so many killer costumes in attendance that night and Vick and I were so pleased to see so many people participating.


Nethergrave played their 2nd show that night and proved once again that they are the new death metal powerhouse in Buffalo. Cody Bollinger, Louis DiThomas Keller, Rob Steinwandel and Adam Porth are really bringing it and we sincerely hope they are here to stay. Fans of brutal death metal need not sleep on these boys. They’re doing it old school, new school, hell, every school of death, and they’re doing it fucking right.

Urdarbrunnr is still a 2-piece (thank goodness, lol) and it was a pleasure to have them back. They really know how to open a show properly and get people in the mood to go nuts, all the while continuing to make a name for themselves.

Gutted Alive? You’re kidding, right? I’m amazed anyone was left standing after that set. They brought their amazing set all the way from Rochester, which is obviously meant for a bigger stage, packed it into Stamps and then let it loose on the masses to drink in. I’m so glad they came out and played the gig with the enthusiasm that they did.

Seplophile? Once again, as we stated after their comeback show back in May, our only real complaint from the entire night was that their set couldn’t have been any longer. We need new music from these boys and more of their brand of death to spread around the nation!

On Jeffrey and Jennifer Standish and Coming of Rage Productions: Partnering up with Coming of Rage was a pleasure and we couldn’t have made this a success without them. The Halloween decorations they contributed and the professionalism they extended (even during a brief moment when things almost got out of hand), is unmatched and we can’t wait to collaborate with them again!

On Ralph Brooks’s sound crew (S and B Sound and Production Services): We want to thank Ralph, Mark and company (Ralph couldn’t make it) for supplying sound for the night and being well equipped and professional as always. We definitely recommend using these guys for your gigs. They’ll come up from PA and make it worth your while!

I also want to thank the bands (who had merch) for donating merch for the 2nd place prize in the costume contest. Also, a huge shoutout to Allison (last name unknown) who guessed the exact number of candy in our mystery cauldron and won all the candy, some booze and some random skeletons and skulls.

Now, onto the next show I want to discuss. This past Saturday night (10/29) was Government‘s 2nd annual Halloween gig at Evening Star. Once again, not the turnout anyone was hoping for, but it was an amazing time as always. There’s always so much going on this time of year and we want to thank those dudes for continuing to throw shows like this in the area. The Crypt (metalcore), Murder City Outlaws (thrash/punk), Abyance (thrash), Orius (power metal), (I can’t talk about The Last Reign (melodic death) for obvious reasons), and Government (metalcore) crushed and made it a party worth fucking being at. Working with Evening Star and Greg Rinker is always a pleasure. We also met the cool cats from Lucky Deville Tattoo Co. who helped sponsor the event.


All in all, this was a successful Halloween season for metal in Buffalo and it’s only getting us pumped up for next year’s festivities. This was short and sweet, but I just wanted to take some time to acknowledge these shows and the people involved. Thanks for reading, everyone. There will be more from us concerning upcoming shows, The Metal Awards, our First Annual Holiday Show and our 2nd Birthday Bash very soon!


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