Album Review: Wastewalker- Funeral Winds


Hailing from Sacramento, California, Wastewalker have arrived to punish you with an explosion of killer riffs, ripping leads, quick blasts and authoritative screams. Featuring ex members of Conducting From the Grave (John Abernathy) and Alterbeast (Cam Rogers), Wastewalker is a completely different animal from the aforementioned. They bring their own brand of technical melodic death and thrash into a demographic that desperately needs it, pulverizing their listeners with untainted perfection.

The opening track on the band’s debut album, Funeral Winds, “Hazmat Birth” is the ideal Wastewalker starter pack. From start to finish, you get a clear picture of what the entire album is made of. Fans of The Black Dahlia Murder (Unhallowed era), Heaven Shall Burn (Deaf to our Prayers era), Abigail Williams (Legend era), or even Erie, PA’s Perdition, will LOVE this album.

“Ad Victoriam” (instrumental) also seems to be a fan favorite on Funeral Winds and we are in the same boat. Its eerie clean guitar intro will give you chills. There’s also a wonderful use of effects here which expertly builds into the distorted sections. Overall, I’d say it’s the most impressive track in terms of guitar work. This one is all over the place, but it works out very well for the song as a whole. Evil demonic tremolo progressions, topped with tasty leads, give way to war drum-like chug progressions, accompanied by masterfully crafted overlays. Then, finally, more creepy and dark clean guitars calm the storm to close the song out.

We also have to give credit where credit is due to Cam Rogers (vocals). The vocal range on this entire album is impressive to say the least. Funeral Winds comes packed with a variety of screams that never have a dull moment. Things especially escalate in the best way possible, when Rogers goes off on what we’re calling “a guttural tangent”. This happens frequently throughout the album. More or less, it’s an admirable quick bombardment of growls either perfectly synced up with the guitars and drums, or in some cases not at all. In either case, the point gets across and it’s magnificent to listen to. This is straight forward death metal worship at its finest.

John Abernathy, Nate Graham and Zack Ohren also did an amazing job engineering this album. All the vocal, guitar, bass and drum layering is perfect for the genre. For this band to just appear out of the woodwork as they have, I don’t think they could’ve asked for a better sounding debut.

If you’re not sure about this, the three tracks we urge you to check out first are “Hazmat Birth”, “War Never Changes” and “Ad Victoriam”. We’ll leave the video for “Hazmat Birth” below. As always, thanks for reading and we hope you pick up this record!

Wastewalker are:

Cam Rogers (ex Alterbeast)- Vocals

John Abernathy (ex Conducting From the Grave)- Guitars

Nate Graham (Sepsis)- Guitars

Joel Barerra- Bass

Justin Tvetan (Dire Peril)- Drums


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