Show Review: See You in the Pit

*Written by Lindsay Leyland

I teamed up with Educate a Bull about a year and a half ago to foster. Since then, I’ve fostered twice and failed both times, lol.

Those unfamiliar with the term “foster failure”; it means you take in a rescue dog with the intent to foster until it is adopted to its forever home, but instead end up adopting that dog yourself. Because of this, I decided to focus more on fundraising instead. “See you in the Pit” was my first benefit show for this rescue group. It was undoubtedly a success and the amount of support and generosity received was overwhelming.

What started out with around 18 gift baskets and donations to raffle soon turned into about 30! As more people showed up, more donations followed.

The show started with The Impurity. These guys I truly believe are one of the bands that is the future of the Buffalo metal scene. These guys are young, but they’re talented and write song pretty impressive songs with groovy hooks.

Diceros played second. Needless to say, you don’t know the metal scene if you don’t know these guys. They deliver that brutal and edgy tone that punches through you while Eric keeps the crowd pumped.

DredNeks are the definition of entertainment. Grant is by far one of the best frontmen I’ve seen. Their music is catchy, heavy, funny and memorable. And if you were there for this last performance you got to enjoy a wrestling match go down between Grant and Drew from The Long Cold Dark.

Which brings us onto the last band, The Long Cold Dark. This is hands down one of my favorite local bands. Drew knew this benefit show was in the works before anyone else because he and I discussed doing this back in October; he was immediately on board. Those unaware; Drew, just like myself is also very actively involved in dog fostering/rescuing so this struck a personal chord with him as it did me. TLCD reaches melodic and even somber elements to their music, while carrying a depth that’s surreal. There’s true talent within the writing process and the performance has a fulfilling energy.

By the end of the night, between money raised at the door, money raised from the raffles, donations made throughout the night and money made from selling Educate a Bull merch; over $700 was made and went directly to the rescue group!

See you in the Pit 2 will be happening this summer and this time it will also be an adoption event. Yes, that means there will be dogs! A big thank you to Mike Shearer and everyone at Rockin Buffalo, a big thank you to Educate a Bull for saving lives every day, a big thank you to all who attended and donated, a big thank you to the bands, and of course a big thank you to Vick and Mike from The Metal for not only your donations, but for your help with spreading the word about this benefit and for letting me do a write up!

If anyone is interested in donating and/or would like some information regarding fostering/adopting, please go here:


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